This year's snubs?

It is tough to find too much fault in the McDonald's All-American Game selections, but Nerlens Noel and Robert Carter do have a right to be upset.

It is worth noting that any time you are selecting an all-star game it isn't going to be easy. Well qualified players will be left off the roster. It is just impossible to cram 40 or 50 prospects into a game with 24 selections. Still this year there are a few kids with legitimate beefs for not making the McDonald's All-American Game.

First and foremost Nerlens Noel should be in the game. Now I know that the voting process had been completed before he decided to go to the 2012 class, and I know he didn't go through the process that the others did, but at some point common sense has to be attached to things.

Noel is the best player in the country. He has had a dominant season for Tilton (NH) School, and clearly is worthy of being in the game. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out how to add him into the game and how to make it work.

Aside from Noel, who is obviously a complicated and rare case, the guy who seems to have a best case who was left off the ballots would be Robert Carter. The center from Georgia is the No. 19 ranked prospect in the class, and one of the top two or three low post scorers in the country.

Carter didn't play for a school that had a lot of television games, so it is possible many of the players voting on the game never saw him play, and it might have a lot to do with his exclusion, but none the less he didn't make it, and he has a great right to be upset.

After Carter the list of guys who will be upset is clear, but it is tough to say they were truly left off the list in favor of someone who they are clearly superior to, as was the case last year with selections.

Wings such as Glenn Robinson, Sam Dekker, Danuel House, and Jeremy Hollowell can all make a legitimate claim for inclusion into the game. All four of them are impressive talents with athleticism, shot making ability, and combine big time potential with high level production. Also it is tough to pull any of the wing players who did make the game out of it, in favor of those guys. So while those players all have a legitimate case for inclusion, none has a significant gripe.

Where things do get interesting is at the point guard position. Picking point guards from this class to make the game was never going to be easy, it just isn't a strong class at the position. With Semaj Christon ineligible due to being a fifth year prospect, only one player ranked inside the top 25 nationally, and only two players from the lead guard spot were in the top 30.

In terms of who got left off, Braxton Ogbueze probably has the biggest gripe. Even though Ogbueze checks in at No. 45 in the country, he is the top rated point guard left off the roster. He only ranks one spot ahead of Tyler Lewis, who did make the game, so once again the gripe isn't strong, but it would be a bit of a surprise.

Overall the committee did a very good job with this year's voting. Was it perfect, probably not, but not too many kids have the right to be extremely upset like there was just one year ago.

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