Ager Looks Set For Michigan State

Oh boy, this one is getting interesting. Maurice Ager is big-time and that's why there is such a battle for his services. With that said, we are hearing that Ager, who was thought to be leaning to Missouri earlier in the week, could be switching allegiances.

Michigan State Is The Choice

NOTE: Since our original story, we've been able to confirm that barring an extremely late last minute change, Ager will announce on Thursday for Michigan State. "It came down to some distance issues," a source close to the situation said. "I think he wanted to stay closer to his family." 

You have to love a good old-fashioned recruiting tussle. One has been brewing with MI SG Maurice Ager. Earlier in the week, all indications and sources were pointing to Missouri as the team to beat for Ager.

Now, things have apparently changed. BlueChipHoops has learned that Michigan State is making one of those 11th Hour pitches and he's listening. The Spartans tried the same thing with Anthony Roberson before he opted to attend Florida. However, it doesn't look like that discouraged them much.

Here's what we know. Apparently, Ager was all set for Missouri. It appeared to be a done deal, however, earlier in the week our sources cautioned us that something like this could be brewing. None of the teams involved – Michigan State, Missouri and Marquette – were budging and continued recruiting him, as they should since there was no public announcement of a commitment.

From what we can gather, the Spartans were the most successful of the three schools in getting his ear this week. We are hearing rumblings of a press conference on Thursday and that makes sense given the information we had earlier in the week, but were unable to confirm the press conference and calls to Ager went unreturned Thursday morning.

As it stands right now, Michigan State appears to have moved into the leadership position with Missouri in second place and Marquette basically out of the equation. We've seen this before and anything can happen, but unless something changes it looks like Michigan State has made up the requisite ground needed to land him.

Again, a word of caution: this one has been a little crazy and anything can happen from now until the time he announces.

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