Burgess Has Five

David Burgess has five schools on his list at the moment. A couple of them helped themselves during the recent contact period...

David Burgess, 6-10 JR C Irvine (Calif.) Woodbridge, told us last night that he has a list of five schools. "UCLA, Louisville, Oregon, Gonzaga and BYU," said Burgess.

Burgess said a couple of schools helped themselves during the recent contact period. "Oregon and Gonzaga moved up," said Burgess. "Coach Kent and Duncan came down and they offered a scholarship. And Coach Few and Grier came to my school also. Coach Few had to leave early for a ceremony with their new arena, but Coach Grier stayed over and we talked the next day."

We asked Burgess about official visits and he replied, "I'll probably take an official to Louisville. I may take an official to UCLA, but I've been there on an unofficial already, so I'll talk to my Dad and decide it it's necessary. Gonzaga and Oregon both want me to come up for visits. BYU I've been to a lot -- we have family there. Right now, I'm thinking I might take my visits in August, then decide either in late Auguste or early September. I want to get it done before my senior year."

Burgess took the SAT on June 7th, and thinks he did fairly well, but he plans on taking it again. "I'm going to be studying with a guy through the summer and I'll take it again in October, said Burgess.

The next couple months will be hectic for Burgess, as he plays basketball all over the country. "I'm going to the NBA camp on June 17th, then the USA games in Colorado Springs at the end of this month, ABCD in early July, then the Big Time in Las Vegas."

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