Chatman is On the Rise

Kameron Chatman, a talented sophomore small forward from Portland (Ore.) Jefferson, is already starting to get interest from the Pac-12...

2014 small forward Kameron Chatman was a baby-faced 6-3 a little over six months ago, but according to his father Canaan, he's been growing steadily over the past year.

"He's about 6-5 and a half, close to 6-6 now," Kameron's father said. "He's totally stretched out. He's shed all of his baby fat. He's moving quicker, starting to dunk it a little bit. And he's getting stronger, and starting to do those elastic band workouts and the resistance workouts."

And colleges have started to notice. Despite being just a 15-year old sophomore, Chatman has received offers from half the Pac-12, including Washington, Washington State, Arizona State, California, Oregon and Oregon State. Chatman's godfather is Jim Shaw, who's an assistant coach at Washington.

Canaan Chatman was himself a player at Oregon State in the early '90s, and is very involved in the basketball community in Portland, and the AAU circuit, so Kameron has been around the game from a coaching perspective for a while. His father believes that has helped to put him a step ahead.

"Last year, when he was playing on the 17-year-old circuit, he was really a 14-year-old," Canaan said. "Even though he was a step slower, and not as strong, everyone knew that cerebrally he was right there with them and his skill set was there."

And now, the exciting part for the Chatmans is that his body is starting to catch up to his feel. When Chatman's Jefferson High School took on Zach Lavine's Bothell High School in the Martin Luther King tournament in Seattle, a few college coaches, including Lorenzo Romar and Ben Howalnd, were in attendance.

Afterward, Howland, who has known Canaan since high school, called him and told him how much he liked Kameron's game.

"He told me he absolutely loved Kameron, and said he's still young and growing into his body," Canaan Chatman said. "I'd say that all of the schools in the Pac-12 will be recruiting him. But I know for a fact, while UCLA hasn't officially offered, they're on the list of schools that Kameron would love to go to."

As for what position he'll play in college, his father isn't quite sure because he doesn't know how much more Kameron will grow. At this point, he's being recruited primarily as a wing, but is playing primarily point guard for his high school team and his AAU team, ICP Portland. He has a chance to be a "point forward" type because of his passing and ability to set up his teammates.

Given that he's just a sophomore, Kameron will probably not be making a decision on where he'll be attending school any time soon. But the family is already considering the possibility that he may be moving out of the Pacific Northwest.

"We've talked about it, as a family, taking a look at moving close to wherever Kameron goes to school," Canaan Chatman said. "Not the same city necessarily, but close. Just as a family, you know, the chance to experience something different, to go to an area that's close to our son, but so he can have his independence and where he can also come home if he wants to, or at least where we can come to his games and then get the heck out of his business. So, it's something we're praying on.

"But, if he winds up at Washington, we won't have to."

Academically, Chatman is sitting at about a 3.0, but according to his father, is taking a rigorous course load with advanced placement classes and courses at a junior college across the street from his high school. He has yet to take even the PSAT, something they hope to start preparing for soon.

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