2014 Intro: Idrissa Diallo

Less than a year after arriving from Senegal to Los Angeles, 2014 center Idrissa Diallo has picked up his first offer, which came from a Pac-12 school.

Last spring, 6-foot-10, 220-pound 2014 center Idrissa Diallo left Senegal and arrived at Los Angeles Ribet Academy .

Diallo's arrival has brought several schools to Ribet Academy to evaluate Diallo, and on Tuesday he picked up his first scholarship offer, which came from local Pac-12 school USC.

"USC is his first official offer," said Ribet Academy head coach William Middlebrooks. "He's also hearing from Louisville, Marquette, Washington State, Washington, Oregon State, California, UTEP and Arizona."

Middlebrooks says that Diallo is in no rush to start getting serious about the recruiting process.

"He's not worried about it," he said. "We'll see who offers and then senior year he'll make a decision. He won't do anything early."

With Diallo's main goal being to get an education and the kid still relatively new to the country, it's too early to say what he's looking for in a school.

"I don't think he's really sure yet," Middlebrooks said. "He's getting used to the college system and what it's all about. We've taken him on some unofficial to college campuses to get a feel for it. Right now he just wants to get a good education and he'll deal with the rest of it when it comes."

As a player, Middlebrooks is pleased with Diallo's progress.

"He's improved weekly," Middlebrooks said. "He's been battling back from injuries that he had this summer so he's had to progressively get stronger and better every week, which he's done a good job of.

"He's developed offensively to the point that teams are double teaming him every game. That's creating opportunities for our guards. He's really learned how to pass out of double teams and he's just as happy getting an assist out of a play as he is scoring.

"What he does really well is rebound the basketball. He's a lot more physical now and is able to hold on to the ball in the air, even with guys bumping him. He's added a hook shot to his repertoire, an up and under, and making a crosscourt pass out of a double team is something he's doing really well."

Middlebrooks has one area he's really working with Diallo on right now.

"The biggest thing is mental toughness," he said. "He needs to learn how to play an entire game and never take plays off. Even if you get tired playing a lot of minutes, you have to fight through that. That's the biggest thing we're working on right now."

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