Keane talks about move to 2012

Kaza Keane made the move to the 2012 class and high major programs are beginning to check in.

With the lack of point guards in the 2012 class, coaches in need of a lead guard for their 2012 recruiting class have spent the past year searching for viable options at the position.

Recently, Kaza Keane became a new possibility for the senior class.

"At first it was in the back of my head and coach Ro [Russell] told me to prepare for it," Keane told "I didn't really think about it until December and I realized that I had all my grades. I didn't have any more classes to take. My parents have always been strict about that."

"Also a lot of schools were recruiting me for 2012 and a lot of schools were asking about it," he added. "Then me and my parents sat down and talked about it."

The more Keane thought about the chance to reclassify, the more it become logical for him to do so.

"Why stay in high school when I could develop more in college," Keane asked himself.

After announcing his move, the calls began to come in.

"Georgia Tech came to a couple of my games and to a practice and they call," he said. "Same thing with Pitt. I talk to Brandin Knight all the time and Jamie Dixon came in the other day. Rhode Island, I talk to them a lot. Head coach [Jim] Baron and the assistant coaches talk to me."

"Marquette is interested," Keane added. "Oklahoma State, Tennessee and Nebraska too. There are a lot of other schools, but I'm open and just want to see what happens."

Despite making the move late in the year, Keane isn't in a rush to make his college choice.

"I'm not in a hurry, but we'd like to make it when I'm home," he said. "That will probably be in May, after I graduate. That's what we are thinking about."

Keane said he's working on putting together some visits.

"No we haven't set up any," he said. "We are in the process of doing that right now."

"At this time I'm pretty sure I'm going to visit Nebraska," Keane said. "I like the program. I like Pitt, Georgia Tech and if we keep developing our relationship, Marquette. Those are the main school that I'm thinking about visiting at this time."

Through nearly 30 games, Keane said he's putting up good numbers.

"Personally I've been doing all right," he said of his play. "I'm averaging 15 to 20 points a game and 8 to 10 assists. I'm just trying to develop and get stronger."

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