Surratt Says Not So Fast

CA PG Armando Surratt would like to clear the air. Apparently, there's a tiny rumor going around that he's made a decision. On Thursday, Surratt set the record straight about his recruitment. This one even has him puzzled.

Surratt Says Not So Fast

Last week at adidas ABCD Camp, Oakland (CA) Tech PG Armando Surratt was one of the bright spots in terms of less-heralded players making a name for themselves. The attention came fast and furious from colleges. However, Surratt has a message to share: slow down, he hasn't made a commitment.

"I didn't commit to Georgetown," Surratt told BlueChipHoops. "I said I liked the school. I like a lot of schools. I don't know how that started. I told my coach I wouldn't mind going there, but I never said that I was going there."

Case closed, Armando Surratt hasn't committed to anybody.

However, he is hearing from a number of schools including Georgetown, Southern Cal, Tulsa, Mississippi State, Florida State, Michigan State and San Jose State.

Surratt says that right now, there is no leader. "I like them all. I wanted to go to Arizona bad, but they aren't recruiting me and plus they have some point guards already."


Last year, Surratt averaged 18 points a game and was the MVP of his high school league, but he didn't start making a name for himself until after the season. "I think it started when I went to the Fresno tournament [in June] and played good. I guess that's what blew me up."

He recently took the SAT but has not received his score. He does have some work to do in regards to his core GPA. He's going to be a prospect numerous schools begin to watch closely as the once rich point guard crop gradually takes its hits. He'll play at the Big Time with George Albanez's 805 team.

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