Transfer working out for Wainright

Ishmail Wainright is thriving after a transfer from his hometown to Montrose Christian. He's playing well on the court and college programs are beginning to ramp up their interest.

Ishmail Wainright wanted a change of scenery after his sophomore season, so the 2013 prospect left Raytown (Mo.) South and transferred to Rockville (Md.) Montrose Christian for his junior season.

"This year I've been playing more of the one/two," Wainright told "It's going good. To tell you the truth, it's better than my freshman and sophomore year."

"This year is like the standout year because I transferred schools," he added. "I'm playing with Justin Anderson and having new people around me and that was probably the best thing to happen to me."

Playing at a school with so much talent makes Wainright, a 6-foot-5, 195-pound wing, time on the court easier.

"It's easy," Wainright said. "It's a lot easier. I don't have to go down and rebound as much because we have big guys and rebounders down there. So I can really do a lot more."

Since arriving at Montrose, Wainright said he's spent a considerable amount of time working on his middle game.

"My mid-range is probably my go-to in my offense right now," Wainright said. "I've been working on that since the beginning of the season and it's really paying off right now."

Wainright currently has Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Texas, UCLA, Syracuse, Texas A&M, Georgetown and St. John's showing interest. He's also picked up interest from a pair of ACC schools recently.

"I added a new school," he said. "N.C. State is recruiting me now. I also got a phone call from Duke that said they are going to start recruiting me. They need a guard that can defend well and a strong guard, so they made a call to coach [Stu] Vetter asking if they could recruit me. They said they'd be here after the season."

While a number of schools are recruiting him, Wainright said he hasn't put together a list.

"I don't have a list right now," he said. "I'm going to make my list probably after the summer, probably in August."

Ben Howland and the Bruins are among the schools showing the most interest, according to the four-star prospect.

"UCLA is probably the top gun right now," he said. "They are showing more attention that anybody."

"They've been to five of my games this year and a lot of my practices," he added.

In the midst of a busy season, Wainright hasn't been able to take many visits recently. He said he did attend a pair of Georgetown games this year.

"I haven't scheduled any visits," he said.

"In the spring I'm looking forward to visiting Syracuse, St. John's and I also want to visit Florida," Wainright added. "I want to go down to Florida. Kasey [Hill] wants me to come down and visit."

Wainright,'s No. 36 prospect in the junior class, plans to run with Team Takeover on the spring and summer circuit.

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