Alexander Kaun Update

Alexander Kaun is still at seven schools. The native of Siberia is likely to take his time and go through the process.

Alexander Kaun is one of the success stories of the spring. The center from Florida Air Academy, via Siberia, has moved into pretty elite company when it comes to 2004 big men.

"Sasha" accomplished this with his play for Nike Team Florida and Coach Tom Topping. At the Boo Williams event and then at the Kingwood Classic in Texas, Kaun was consistently good. His measured post moves, ability to finish, size and A+ grades have made him a priority for some of America's finest schools.

Who's offered? Who hasn't? Florida, Florida State, Duke, Michigan State, Michigan, Kansas and Georgetown are the 7 schools in the hunt.

According to Topping, he's already visited Florida State and Florida unofficially. "I think they have some visits lined up with the other five that are out there," Topping said.

Topping seems to agree, Kaun isn't in a hurry to make a decision. "I think that for somebody's who's never been through the process and doesn't know anything about it, he's done a great job and is keeping an open mind. He's kind of approached it with the mentality that he's just going to look at every single aspect of every single program and make a decision based on that."

This week, Kaun's focus will be twofold: getting healthy and playing at the NBA Camp. Kaun injured his foot this month and will have a bone scan this week. "He just kind of started to have some pain in his ankle and it progressively just started to get worse and worse," Topping said. "He got some X-rays but they didn't really show anything. My big thing is who knows if Sasha has ever played this much in the off-season.

"He's probably never played this many games in his life. It might just be that he's putting a lot of games in and he's never really done that before. It's all just speculation."

Speculation on the injury sure, but it's a fact that this kid can play.

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