Big Man With Grades

Jon Black has two assets that should make him a high priority for college coaches -- size and good grades...

Jon Black, 6-9 JR C Phoenix (Ariz.) Greenway, was very impressive in a spring tournament in Las Vegas. With a good frame, very long arms and a nice feel for the game, Black has a signficant upside.

We spoke with Black last night and asked him about the schools that have been showing interest in him. "Utah has called -- Santa Clara and Washington came to my school in the spring," said Black. "Northern Arizona has also contacted me."

When we asked if there were any schools he'd like to hear from, Black replied, "Oregon St. sent me some mail -- I wouldn't mind hearing more from them."

Black said location won't be a big issue when he makes his choice. "My family and I are very close," Black said. "But I have lots of family in states all over the country. I would like to go somewhere that I know someone."

If Black gets an offer early that he likes, he said he could commit. "I'd like to get it done early and not have to worry about it during my senior year," said Black. "I could make a commitment in the summer if it was the right situation."

Early playing time is not an issue for Black. "I want to be developed," said Black. "I probably won't be ready to play my first year. I've been trying to add weight and it's not happening yet. I'm not concerned with playing time -- I just want to be comfortable with the staff."

Black said he may play at the Mid-American camp in July, along with the Pump camp second session, the Big Time and Best of Summer.

A very good student, Black told us that he has a GPA of 3.8 and scored 1230 on the SAT.

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