Wilbut continues strong senior run

Jerron Wilbut had a good year on the basketball floor as well as taking care of business in the classroom. Now the shooting guard is getting significant recruiting attention.

Coming into this year not too many schools were hard after Jerron Wilbut. The Downers Grove (Ill) South standout guard had work to do in the classroom before schools could show much interest. Now according to AAU coach Mike Mullins, Wilbut is taking care of business in the classroom and is receiving significant recruiting attention.

"I think Jerron's biggest challenge is that academically he dug a pretty big hole for himself the first couple of years," explained Mullins. "He didn't have a lot of structure when he left the basketball court, but in the last two years since he has been with us we have tried to push that. I think since the end of last spring he has really improved and is getting his best grades ever."

According to Mullins, Wilbut's strong run in the classroom started over the summer and has continued through this, his senior year.

"Jerron did well in summer school and made the honor roll for the first time ever in high school during the first semester," Mullins explained. "He got his qualifying test score on his ACT and now he has to continue to improve his grades to bring his core GPA up. He has to do what he did first semester again in second semester."

When it comes to the schools recruiting him, Mullins says that Wilbut has some very nice options.

"Oregon, Memphis, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Missouri, Dayton, Missouri State, and Cleveland State, and then Florida State has been in and out since his grades improved," listed Mullins.

Though he has impressive offers and more schools showing interest, Wilbut still has taken things slowly because academics have had to come first.

"Early on in the first semester I told the schools that were interested in recruiting him that we weren't going to take phone calls or go on any visits because he had to focus on school," Mullins explained. "We said if he got through first semester and finals then he was allowed to take phone calls and begin the recruiting process."

Mullins continued, "At this point he can't miss any school where he would miss a Friday and a Monday, and the schools know this. Third quarter ends at the end of the month and if his grades are in good shape there he would consider taking a visit or two during that period as long as he doesn't need to miss any school."

Now with his grades staying strong and his senior basketball season finished, Mullins say that he and Wilbut have begun to discuss things and are taking a closer look at his recruitment.

"This weekend was the first time we have discussed recruiting," said Mullins. "Usually I would do that with a player in the spring of his sophomore year, but we are doing that in spring of his senior year. That is how far he had to go. We went through some pros and cons of all the schools."

As long as things continue down the path they have been academically for Wilbut, look for him to be a very hot commodity in the spring as college programs search for a talented guard who can put the ball in the basket.

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