The Latest On Andre Blatche

From a scouting perspective, Andre Blatche was able to get better each time we saw him out on the circuit this spring. The Syracuse native is a member of the Class of 2004 right now, but that could change.

Improvement. It's one the main ingredients to a successful run on the circuit. Quietly, Syracuse Henninger center Andre Blatche improved the past few months. Maybe more importantly, he continued to grow.

In the past few months, Blatche says he's gone from 6-8 to 6-10 with a bullet. He's noticed a difference. "I hit my head on stuff in the house," he said. And, his close fit a little differently. He's up to 220 pounds now.

He also cites work on the weights as a reason for his improvement. "I think I got stronger because I got in the weight room a little more. As I got stronger, my inside game got better."

Basketball-wise, Blatche is all good. It's academically where some issues pop up. "I got to do a year in prep school," Blatche said. So, essentially he'll wind up being a member of the Class of 2005. "

"I just have to take afternoon school for math. I can qualify, but I don't know. Some colleges say that because of my age I'm too young and I should be in prep school to get bigger and more physical."

Oklahoma, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Connecticut, Xavier, Providence and Massachusetts are the interested parties. The big fella said that staying close to home wasn't a priority on his list." I want to go away from home so I can grow up on my own and take some responsibilities."

2004 or 2005, we think this kid a tremendous upside.

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