Spring Fling: Wrap Up

WAYNE, N.J. -- Jimmy Salmon's Spring Fling came to a close on Saturday. The New Rens won the 17's division, while Team Takeover won the 15's. Who stood out this? Scout.com has the latest.

Terrence Samuel, SF/PG, New Rens – Throughout the weekend, Samuel spent time on the ball. From a passing standpoint he was quite effective, as he has good vision and makes the right plays with the ball. With that said, it remains to be seen if college coaches will recruit him to play that position. Regardless, Samuel, a 6-foot-3, 190-pounder, is a tough, hardnosed prospect that defends his position well and will hit the glass.

Kuran Iverson, PF, NY Lightning – Behind Iverson and a handful of guards, the Lightning made their way to the championship game of the Spring Fling. At times, Iverson has been ragged on for his lack of effort. But this weekend the 6-foot-8 versatile forward played hard, created off the dribble and made plays off the bounce. Iverson did take some ill-advised shots, but he was a big reason for Lightning's run.

Dayshon Smith, SG/PG, NY Lightning – In the title game, Smith hit a deep three-pointer to force overtime with New Rens. Although New Rens got the win, Smith, a 6-foot-3 wiry combo guard, showed confidence in his scoring ability and made plays against a scrappy New Rens bunch. Smith is a pretty good athlete that scores it well, especially off the dribble from long range.

Hassan Martin, PF, New Heights – Prior to the event, information was swirling around Martin, a 6-foot-6 four-man. Once I laid eyes on him I realized why. Although he's undersized, Martin is an active dude that makes an effort to go to the glass. Using his athleticism and ability to get off the ground quickly, he's able to reel in offensive rebounds and turn them into points. Martin also dropped in a 15-foot jump shot in a game against Maryland's Finest.

Jalen Jenkins, PF, New Heights – Also in the post for New Heights is this 6-foot-7, lanky and energetic post player. Blessed with long arms and wide shoulders, Jenkins has a nice frame that will allow him to put on weight. Jenkins runs the court, will mix it up inside for rebounds and is a pretty good all around athlete. He made plays for N.H. during their final pool play game against Maryland's Finest.

Manny Suarez, C, Albany City Rocks – In a half against New Rens, Suarez, a 6-foot-9, 220-pound step out big man, knocked down a pair of three-pointers and looking good in the process. The Marist Prep product runs the floor fine, will contest shots around the rim and loves to hunt jump shots. It was just my first viewing, but he certainly has some potential.

Thomas Bryant, PF/C, Team Scan 15's – Last summer Bryant, a freshman at Rochester (N.Y.) Bishop Kearney, was a 6-foot-6 gangly forward that could play inside and out. Now, he's a 6-foot-9 big man that is tracking as one of the better post prospects in the 2015 class.

During his first game on Saturday, Bryant swatted every shot in his vicinity. He finished the first half with at least a half dozen blocks. A mobile big man, he ran the floor looking to score and also showed an ability to face the rim and shoot jumpers. While he didn't show much by way of post moves, his athleticism, incredible length and ability to block shots stood out in a major way. Byrant went down in his second game with a minor ankle injury ending his weekend.

Aaron Ray, SG, Team Scan – One of the best shooting guards of the weekend came from the young Team Scan bunch. Ray, a 6-foot-2 built guard who is the brother of former Villanova standout Allan Ray, can put up points in a hurry. His shot to three is pure, but he's a capable scorer from all three levels. He consistently created space and buried one and two dribble pull-ups, as well as finished through contact at the rim.

Chancellor Ellis, SF, Team Scan – Over the course of the event, Ellis likely made more three-pointers than anyone. A 6-foot-4, 225-pound wing, Ellis will have to get in shape going forward, but with his jump shot and ability to score, he'll eventually have plenty of suitors. His shot is consistent and his range is deep. He was a big part of Team Scan's run.

Bryant Crawford, PG, Team Takeover 15's – The best part about his game is his passing. At 6-foot-1, Crawford has good vision and an ability to thread the needle on a pass with either hand. Crawford also can knock down threes when his feet are set. With a bunch of guards around him, Crawford is the best one on the ball, as he makes good decisions, pushes the tempo and facilitates for his teammates.

Marcus Derrickson, PF, Team Takeover 15's – Arguably the biggest surprise of the weekend was this versatile forward.. Derrickson has grown an inch and slimmed up his frame since I saw him in December. Now standing 6-foot-7 and weighing in at 230-pounds, Derrickson has the look of a legit high major prospect.

Derrickson is a step out four-man that shoots it effortlessly from long range. His range is deep and he shoots it with confidence. He has a great set of hands, tremendous touch around the basket and is active on the glass. His skill set is impressive, as he's capable of scoring in a variety of ways.

Justin Jenifer, PG, Team Takeover 15's -- On a squad full of talented guards, Justin Jeniffer certainly had his moments. The 5-foot-10 guard has good speed and loves to play in transition. Although he can get a little wild and force shots, Jeniffer can certainly score and has a nice pull-up jump shot.

Jesse Govan, C, NY Lightning 15's – It was easy to spot Govan, a 6-foot-9, 220-pound center, when he was warming up in the City Sports complex, where the 15's action was taking place. Once the game began, Govan showed why many in the New York area believe he's one of the top freshmen in the country.

Govan prefers to go over his left shoulder for right jump hooks. He has the move down pat and was consistent all weekend with his go-to move, In the semi-finals loss to Team Scan, Govan hit five hooks and then dropped in an 18-footer late in the game. To go with his offense, Govan rebounds his area and gets his fair share of blocks on the defensive end.

Muhamed Touray, SG, NY Lightning 15's – A skilled, scoring guard, Tourey was a prominent piece to the Lightning's run to the semi-finals of the Spring Fling. A 6-foot-1 guard, Tourey has good form on his long ball and is also comfortable shooting it off the bounce from mid-range. He will be a shooting guard to keep an eye on the over the next few years.

Jermaine Bishop, PG/SG, New Heights 15's – This wiry guard has a knack for scoring. At 6-feet tall, Bishop played on the ball for the New Heights crew and balanced his ability to put up points with his ability to run his team. He shot the ball particularly well and sliced his way to the rim consistently.

*Shamiek Shepard, of New Rens, is an impressive athlete. The 6-foot-5, strongly built wing prospect is effective as a rebounder and a driver. He uses his athleticism around the basket and finishes at the rim inside.

*Shepard had some help from Kentan Facey inside. The 6-foot-7 power forward runs the floor well, gets off his feet quickly and can finish in the paint. He's tracking as a mid-level post player.

*Chioso Obokoh, a 6-foot-9 big man, has plenty of ability. He suited up with the Albany City Rocks and made plays on the defensive end. He blocks shots well and will mix it up for rebounds. Gaining offense is the next step.

*Jordan Washington, a 6-foot-8, 250-pound big man, can clear some space inside. He was effective from a rebounding standpoint, but struggled finishing around the basket.

*Bashir Ahmed, a 2014 wing prospect, is a bouncy 6-foot-5 prospect. Although he played sparingly, he hit the glass hard, attacked the basket and showed impressive athleticism.

*Paul IV guard Kevin Dorsey doesn't start for the Team Takeover 15's, but he's certainly a big part of their squad. The 6-foot guard is scrappy, he defends his position well and makes terrific decisions with the ball in his hands.

*Dorsey's AAU teammate Franklin Howard had a strong weekend as well. The 6-foot-3 wing is at his best attacking the rim and using his athleticism around the basket.

*Chris Atkinson, a 5-foot-7 guard on Team Scan 15's, is quick and talented. He can get careless with the ball, but he finds his way into the lane and can knock down long-range shots. Team Scan wing Lenny Kadisha is a future D-1 player as well. The 6-foot-5 strongly built wing plays hard and hits the glass.

*2015 prospect Jamie Killings had a strong weekend for the New Rens bunch. An athletic wing, Killings attacks the rim, plays with energy and scores it well around the rim.

*Bub Carrington's Baltimore Elite 15's have a couple of nice players. Marcel Thompson impressed the most, while Daniel Wilson, a 6-foot-7, 200-pound power forward, also caught my eye. Kareem Carrington, Will Robinson and others had good days as well.

*The New Heights 15's bunch had a handful of Division-1 players. To go with Bishop, who was mentioned above, Matt Ryan shot the ball well, while Raymer Leonardo and Latiek Laney showed promise on the interior.s

*Dimicio Vaughn and Sha'Quan Bretoux both played well for the NY Lightning 15's. Vaughn is a lengthy wing prospect, while Doudemy is an attacking guard with some ability.

Hassan Martin said Rhode Island, Fordham, St. Bonaventure, Creighton, Wagner and St. Francis were involved with his recruitment.

Jalen Jenkins mentioned UMass, George Mason, Temple and Iona as the schools showing him the most interest.

Terrance Samuel claims interest from Creighton, Dayton, Connecticut, Villanova, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Temple, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Virginia, Penn State, Virginia and Louisville. He said he wants to visit Virginia and Memphis soon.

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