Youmans Is Wide Open

Dwan Youmans is available. Yes, the combo guard from Arlington Country Day is still on the board. Once thought to be ticketed for Auburn, Youmans is still searching for a school.

It's strange this time of the year for a guard as athletic as Dwan Youmans to be sitting in his living room with a list of numbers to schools and calling assistant coaches. But, that's just what the ACD combo guard is doing.

"I went through my letters, you know the junkmail, and then I called just about every school that used to recruit me and write me," Youmans said. "I've been leaving messages on voicemail."

So far, Youmans hasn't gotten many return calls. Most of the schools probably are under the same impression that we were: he signed with Auburn, right? Wrong.

"They kind of backed out on me in the last minute," Youmans said. He never signed with Auburn, not in the early period or in the spring. The guard has a qualifying test score and he's ready to hit the ground running.

"I'm ready. I'd just tell them to give me a jersey with no number on it and by the end of the game they'll want to put a number on it. I don't need nothing but 12 minutes to show them what I can do."

Youmans said that if he had his choice, Texas Tech, Georgia, Tennessee or Miami would be chasing him. But in his words, he's open. "Division I, full ride," Youmans said when asked about his preferences. "Anywhere D-I really."

There's a good chance Youmans phone starts ringing later in the week. He averaged 22 a game last season.

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