Knoxvegas Heat: Top Performers

The Knoxvegas Heat Invitational featured some of the top teams and players in the Southeast, here is a look at some of them that stood out.

Size: 6-4/175 |
Quick Take: Thornwell keeps getting bigger and more athletic, and now is improving his motor. He played hard all weekend long and showed that he is capable of playing both spots in the backcourt, though he is better off the ball. His skills are there, and he helped his team reach the finals. Always talented, Thornwell is now figuring out what it takes to be an elite player day in and day out.

Recruiting: South Carolina, Clemson, Louisville, Miami, North Carolina State, Virginia Tech, Tennessee

Size: 7-7/215 |
Quick Take:Brown is someone with a ton of upside, and then also has the ability to produce right now. He dominated at the 15-and under level with his athleticism and refined skill set. Still growing, it looks as though Brown will get taller. He already is one of the best prospects in the 2015 class, and is only going to get better.

Recruiting: Georgia, Georgia Tech, Maryland

Size: 7-8/205 |
Quick Take:This is just an athletic freak who can really play. Hall doesn't have a lot of refined skill, but he showed some ability to be effective off the dribble and from 10 feet and in. Also he plays very hard on both ends of the floor and rebounds well because of it. With his size, athleticism, and motor he really knows how to impact the game.

Recruiting: Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, Cincinnati, Alabama, Xavier, Tennessee, Marquette

Size: 7-10/255 |
Quick Take:Rimmer has gotten bigger and stronger in the past year and it showed with his ability to rebound much better than he has shown in the past. He has good hands and doesn't bring the ball down which is a good thing. Also he is more than capable of hitting the mid-range jumper. Not a great athlete, he gets it done with savvy and basketball IQ.

Recruiting: Tennessee, Stanford, Miami, UCF, Penn State

Size: 7-8/290 |
Quick Take: Meeks continues to grow and get stronger. Now he has added the perimeter jump shot to his game which allows him to pick and pop as well as post hard down low. His soft hands and wide frame are still his biggest asset, and he has a great touch down low. If he gets himself into better shape he will be very hard to stop on the low block given his skill level and ability to pass the basketball.

Recruiting: North Carolina, Georgetown, Louisville Miami, South Carolina

Size: 6-0/190 |
Quick Take: An elite athlete at the point guard position, Poole showed signs this weekend of improving as a distributor and floor general. He can really score going to the rim, and with his explosiveness is one of the best at finishing in traffic despite not being super tall. He does need to take better care of the ball, but overall Poole is making nice strides in that regard.

Recruiting: Georgia Tech, Florida State, South Carolina, Louisville, Tennessee, Auburn

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