Moore is back on open market

Cincinnati native Willie Moore has his release and is now looking at other potential suitors.

This time of year coaches are always looking for backcourt prospects to finish out their rosters, and one who is back on the market is Willie Moore. The Cincinnati (OH) Aiken product originally signed with Duquesne, but now is out on the open market.

"Willie is back open, he got his full release," said Aiken head coach Leon Ellison.

The 6-foot-2 Moore has the athleticism, ball handling ability, and natural scoring acumen to play both guard positions in a pinch, though he is definitely better off the ball.

According to Ellison, some schools have been calling him recently and a few have extended offers.

"He has gotten offers from Wright State, Miami-Ohio, Farleigh Dickinson, and Duquesne is still on the table," said Ellison. "Dayton has also called me to check in and see where everything is at."

Ellison continued, "There is talk of South Carolina, Georgia Tech, and Mississippi State, but none of those schools have contacted me so I don't see how they could really have offers out there. I haven't heard from them. It has been the other schools."

According to Ellison this decision will definitely be one that Moore makes.

"If it was up to me he would have stuck with Duquesne because I thought it was a good fit," said Ellison. "However Willie is 19 years old, so the way I see it he has to make an adult decision for himself. If I haven't helped him enough to get to this point of making a sound decision then that is on me."

Ellison did admit if one school came forward with an offer he felt they would be the leaders.

"I would think Dayton is the school he wants to go to," said Ellison. "They haven't offered, they are just interested, but that is probably where he would go if they did offer."

Moore is a three-star prospect and someone with a lot of upside.

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