Galloway Feeling Pressure To Decide

Todd Galloway, a Top 100 point guard, could make a decision during Las Vegas or shortly thereafter. Galloway knows the score as point guard scholarships around the country are being snapped up at an alarmingly quick rate.

Galloway Could Decide Soon

PG Todd Galloway sounds a little confused, but then again at the rate players at his position are making commitments, who could blame him if his head is spinning a little.

Galloway could be on the verge of a decision. "I'm doing alright. I'm pretty close. I'm pretty sure I'll decide either during Vegas or after Vegas," Galloway said. What that means is that Xavier, West Virginia, Wake Forest and Rhode Island better make sure someone from their respective staffs is attending his games.

While Galloway says he could decide soon, he also doesn't hesitate to speak of August visits. "I haven't seen any of the campuses. As soon as I come back, I was planning on going to West Virginia and then Xavier. Then, I wanted to go to Wake, but I don't know if I'll have enough time for all of that."

"I'm not really confused, but people are pushing right now."

From an outsider's perspective, it seems like schools want an answer from Galloway and in a hurry. 2002 is a good year for point guards, but there is a finite amount of guys like Galloway and everyone wants to make sure they nab a player of his caliber. Therefore, collectively, there is some heat being applied to Galloway and others like him to make decisions. He said it himself; he hasn't seen any of the campuses yet.

On the flipside, maybe Galloway is turning the heat up on himself. Our sources indicated that he had liked Providence but the Friars took a commitment from Donnie McGrath. Maybe Galloway wants to make sure he has a chance to go to one of his first choices.

In the bigger picture, how can we expect kids to make decisions on where to spend the next four years of their lives if they haven't even seen where the library or basketball court is?

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