Injury Costs Evans The Summer

Cardinal Ritter guard Terry Evans will miss the remainder of the summer circuit. On Monday, he had another scope on his knee but he's doing well and looking forward to the future.

Terry Evans had been thinking that this would be the biggest summer of his career. The athletic swingman was primed to make a national splash with the St. Louis Eagles. Unfortunately, that won't happen this July.

On Monday, Evans got his right knee scoped but all should be fine. "[The doctor] didn't say too much," Evans said. "When I woke up, they were showing me how to walk on crutches."

The swingman will be on crutches for the next two weeks and it probably won't be until September that he can start playing again, a tough pill to swallow for a guy who lives for the game. "It was supposed to be an important summer for me."

Right now, Evans is content to dance with the schools that have been on him the longest. "If a big school is willing to gamble with me, I'll still look at it. But, the schools that were with me now, I'll have to look at them too."

"Right now it's University of Arkansas-Little, Southern Illinois, SEMO, St. Louis, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, South Alabama … Marquette was on me hard this weekend calling. That's about it."

So far, just the Salukis of Southern Illinois have offered him.

The injury happened way back in the beginning of the season. "I came back too early from my first scope. I think it was a game like the fourth game of the season and I was coming up the court and coming down and I tried to dunk and got tripped. I just kept rolling around on the ground and I think I did it then."

Terry Evans will be back. He'll continue to rehab and look for him to be in top shape at the start of senior season.

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