Towns attracts big time attention

At 6-foot-10 with perimeter skills, interior toughness, and above a 4.0 GPA, Karl Towns is looking like the complete package as a prospect.

A buzz on the east coast has been generating around Karl Towns. The Metuchen (NJ) St. Joseph's product had a huge freshman season, and now college coaches across the country are getting a chance to see just how talented the 6-foot-10 and 220 pound Towns is.

As a freshman Towns averaged a double-double for St. Joseph's and helped his team to a state title. The season was a huge improvement from a year previous, and Towns was arguably the biggest reason why.

"It was the most amazing feeling I have had in my life," said Towns of winning the state title. "Knowing that all the hard work was paying off, and to go to the school and help them win a state championship meant the world to me. I have played in and won AAU tournaments, but there is nothing like winning a state championship and going to school every day knowing you have a nice ring on your finger."

One of the best things about Towns is how he is continually getting better, and how focused he is on becoming as well rounded as he can be. Holding an advanced shooting touch, Towns is now once again focused on proving to people he can be physical down low.

"My game is coming along really well," Towns explained. "I have always been working on my jump shot, and just getting better. Now I know I have to work on being more physical inside. I have always been inside since I was young, but I went away from it a little bit. Now I am going back inside and getting back to the flow of how I used to be, before I became a three point presence."

He continued, "Everything is going well, and I just want to get better. I am stronger, I am faster, and I am lifting weights now. The sky is just the limit right now."

With his size, skill, and a GPA above 4.0, it is no surprise that Towns already holds many big time offers, and is attracting some of the highest profile head coaches to his games.

"It's a long list, Baylor, Michigan State, Kentucky, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Florida, Michigan, Ohio State, Syracuse, UCLA, Connecticut, anywhere you can name I probably either have a letter or a scholarship from them," said Towns of his recruitment.

For Towns to have that interest so early on in his basketball career isn't something he takes lightly.

"It's just so humbling to know that coaches are willing to put their jobs on the line for a 15 year old freshman," said Towns. "It is just an amazing thing that they have so much faith that I can come to their program. You always want to play college ball when you are younger, but to know that I can basically pick any college I want is an amazing feeling."

Things are obviously very early in his recruitment, and Towns is in no hurry to make any kind of decisions on his recruitment, but there are already some factors he knows he will be looking for in a school when that time does come.

"The education level to me is a big thing," said Towns. "One day the basketball is going to stop bouncing, and I am going to have to look for something to do. You either retire and play golf or retire and become a great business man. I want to be a great business man, so education is important. Also I want a good coach who can help me get better and develop and get to the next level to accomplish all my goals and dreams."

Also aside from the educational and basketball angle, Towns said something else will be very important to him when evaluating schools.

"A great community around the school is also important," said Towns. "I like doing work in the community. I am the student council president so I always do a lot of charity work. I will want to work in the community when I am not playing basketball. I always feel you get more pleasure sharing than gaining."

For now he is just scratching the surface, but one thing is for sure over the next few years Towns will be one of the most impressive prospects in the country and someone who will attract big time attention from the country's top programs.

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