Hoop Group Philly Jam Fest: Day Two

PHILADELPHIA - Day two of the Philadelphia Jam Fest saw some big time performances, and none were bigger than those turned in by Jermaine Lawrence and Nick Emery.

Jermaine Lawrence, PF/SF, New Rens – It is official, the emergence of Lawrence is complete. He is now definitely a big time national name and someone who has the ability to challenge for McDonald's All-American and other all-star honors. Lawrence showed off his complete game again today hitting threes, getting rebounds in traffic, and handling the ball in the open floor. Quite honestly at 6-foot-8 there really isn't anything on the basketball floor he isn't capable of doing.

Kentan Facey, PF/C, New Rens – An athletic interior player with length, Facey had some flashes of potential throughout a win for New Rens. He tries to dunk everything down low, and is active on the glass. Now he gets into foul trouble way too easily, and doesn't have a great idea of how to play, but the bottom line is there aren't too many players in this class with his length and athleticism.

Terrence Samuel, SG/PG, New Rens – It was a solid day for Samuel who showed more point guard ability than in the past. Samuel is still at his best attacking the rim and looking to score, but he had a few nice dishes in the paint and controlled the tempo. Still to be a point guard he will have to limit his turnovers.

Tory Miller, PF/C, Kansas City Run GMC – The light bulb seems to be clicking on for Miller. He has always had impressive physical tools, and now that is turning into production. He has great strength, long arms, and good athleticism, now the fire is matching with that and he is doing a good job of controlling things down low and being a factor on both ends of the floor.

Travis Jorgenson, PG, Kansas City Run GMC – Still he is small and not a great athlete, but Jorgenson is getting better. The future Missouri Tiger really shoots the ball well, and then he has enough quickness to turn the corner and create some off the dribble. He doesn't have that natural point guard instinct in terms of running an offense, but still he is capable of setting things up, and his shot making makes him tough to defend.

Nick Emery, SG, Utah Reign – His brother Jackson was a heck of a player at BYU, and by the looks of it Nick has no intentions of being in his shadow. Emery is an absolute stud who can fill it up with ease out to 25 feet. One of the best shooters in the country, if his feet are set it is in. Add to it that he has some ability off the dribble, and he is someone who will definitely fight for a spot in the top 100 when it is next updated.

Eric Mika, C, Utah Reign – Like Emery he is headed to BYU, and also like Emery he is a very impressive player. Not an elite athlete or someone who will stretch the defense, Mika has excellent hands, finishes very well around the rim, and just knows his role. He rebounds, blocks shots, fills the lane, and maybe most importantly sets great screens which lead to open shots for shooters.

Riley Dearing, SF, Net Gain Sports – Again Dearing was very solid showing off an improved floor game. He plays hard and gives effort on the defensive end, and that combines with skill on offense that extends beyond the three point line. He must get stronger and continue to improve his ball handling, but the strides are definitely being made here for him to be a very good contributor at the mid-to-high level.

Tyler Roberson, PF, New Jersey Roadrunners – It was the classic Roberson game. He had flashes of brilliance and then spells of nothing. He is just under 6-foot-8 and is clearly more power forward than small forward, but his length and skill do present a matchup problem. Also he knows how to play which helps him be effective. He now just has to find a way to be consistent not only from day to day, but from half to half.

Shaquille Carr, PG, Las Vegas Prospects – There is a saying that great point guards aren't made, they are born, and Carr was definitely born a point guard. He has that innate ability to know when to pass the ball and where to pass it at exactly the right time. Add in that he has very good speed and is capable of making jumpers, and there is a good reason why coaches on the West Coast have been so intrigued with him.

Kane Macoumba, PF, Las Vegas Prospects – A virtual unknown outside of the Vegas area, Macoumba is someone who is very intriguing. He ended up missing some of the game with a sprained ankle, but he has good athleticism, is very long, runs the floor, and shows a very nice touch inside of eight feet. Overall he is still raw, and is more potential than production, but there is a lot to like about this young player.

Isaiah Whitehead, SG, Juice All-Stars – A very talented guard who is at his best getting to the rim, Whitehead sometimes goes away from his strength and plays to his weakness. Instead of abusing people off the bounce right now he is intent on proving he can make deep shots. While he is a capable shooter, his bread and butter is still using his strength and athleticism to get to the rim and finish.

Dominique Collier, PG, Kansas City Run GMC – An absolute jet with the ball, there aren't many players faster in the country baseline-to-baseline than Collier. He also has good size for a point guard and gets after it on the defensive end. He wasn't making shots from the outside, and that is a growth area, but the intelligence and physical tools are definitely there.

J.C. Show, SG/PG, JB Hoops – Show continues to have a breakout weekend, and is doing so because of his great intelligence and shot making. His athleticism isn't great, but he more than makes up for it with a great feel for the game. Seemingly every game he plays the hoard of coaching looking on keeps growing, and now his name will definitely be popping up at the mid-levels, and possibly even higher depending on the system.

Rashad Vaughn, SG, Net Gain Sports – Unfortunately for Vaughn and Net Gain his team lost at the buzzer to Juice, but it was a heck of a game. Vaughn went head-to-head with Whitehead and not only held his own, but probably slightly outplayed the New York native. Now his shot wasn't falling at the rate it usually does, but knowing this he attacked the rim and also was an excellent contributor on the glass.

Johnnie Vassar, PG, SYF Players – When Vassar harnesses his natural ability and is able to slow down that is when his game will truly blossom. Right now he can play too fast and turn it over, but there is no denying the physical tools. He is capable of making shots, has good size, and is a very good athlete. Now the mental part has to kick in, and when it does that is when he will really begin to show people how good he can be.

Dwayne Foreman, SF/PF, NE Playaz – One the more intriguing players on the day, Foreman had the look of a very skilled power forward with good athleticism. He likes to slash to the rim and finish, and he does it with very impressive leaping ability and strength. Now he needs to rebound a bit better and show more concentration on defense, but still he is someone who has a lot of natural ability and at times put the Playaz on his back with his play on offense.

Terrance Samuel noted Louisville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Dayton, Connecticut, Temple, Penn State, Iowa State, Oregon State, South Carolina, and Memphis.

Tory Miller has offers from Creighton, Arkansas, Colorado State, and Nebraska. Also Memphis has begun to pick up the interest.

Shaquille Carr has an offer from UNLV, and also interest from Utah, UCLA, and others.

Isaiah Whitehead says Syracuse is his leader, though recent offers from Kansas, Connecticut, and Iowa State have made his list longer. Also Rutgers, St. John's, and Pittsburgh remain in the mix.

UNLV head coach Dave Rice made sure to keep close tabs on Shaquille Carr.

Kansas head coach Bill Self was watching Dominique Collier as was an assistant from Colorado and Boston College.

Rutgers and Pittsburgh were keeping a close eye on Isaiah Whitehead.

Assistants from Rutgers and Pittsburgh were joined by Self to view Jermaine Lawrence's impressive showing.

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