EYBL Hampton: Day Three

HAMPTON, Va. -- The final day at the EYBL Session #2 was a success. Jajuan Johnson emerged, Brian Bridgewater put up a large point total and Rondae Jefferson showed off his full game.

Duane Wilson, PG/SG, WI Playground Elite – On Saturday, Wilson, who led Milwaukee (Wisc.) Dominican to a state championship as a junior, went for 43 points for Playground Elite. Sunday he didn't shoot it nearly as well (5-for-20), but his talented was evident. More of a combination guard than a true lead guard, Wilson has good speed and athleticism and can find ways to get to the basket. He finished with 19 points.

JaJuan Johnson, SG/SF, Bluff City Legends – Perhaps the surprise of the early AAU season, Johnson, a 6-foot-5 wing prospect, had college coaches scrambling for information. While he didn't shoot the ball particularly well Sunday morning, Johnson has all the tools from the wing position. He's long, athletic and a gifted scorer. Against Houston Hoops, Johnson scored 14 points, grabbed eight rebounds and tossed out four assists.

Nick King, SF, Bluff City Legends – King pumped in 16 points in a win against Houston Hoops. Majority of his points came off drives to the rim, but he did work in one three-pointer. A 6-foot-7, 200-pounder, King should be able to grab more than three boards, so that's an area for improvement. With that said, he has a lot of ability and is one of the better physical wings in the 2013 class.

Brian Bridgewater, PF, Houston Hoops – A powerfully built forward, Bridgewater is intriguing because of his skill level, strength and toughness. He stands just 6-foot-6, but he's able to mix it up inside or face up defenders and attack off the dribble. His 25-point, seven rebound outing wasn't enough for a win against the Bluff City Legends, but it was exciting to watch.

Keith Frazier, SG, Houston Hoops – There's a reason so many college coaches salivate when watching Frazier. His combination of size, scoring and athletic ability is rare from the two-guard position. Frazier didn't shoot it from deep as well as he normally does, but he attacked the rim and found ways to get to the free throw line. In all, he hit 14 of 16 freebees on his way to 23 points.

Rondae Jefferson, SF, Team Final – What stood out about Jefferson Sunday afternoon was his activity level. He never stood and watched when a play was in motion. The 6-foot-7, 205-pound forward always seemed to be in the mix. When he had the ball in his hands, he looked to get to the rim, but he did hit a three off the catch. Around the rim, he used his length and strength to finish and grab rebounds. He finished with 12 points on 5-for-9 shooting against the Alabama Challenge.

Jarquez Smith, PF, Georgia Stars – Although he didn't have a dominant performance this weekend, Smith still manages to impress with his skill level and ability to shoot. At 6-foot-9, Smith loves to face up defenders and is a mismatch problem because he can stretch the floor with his jump shot. Smith appears to have grown an inch since last year and has slimmed up his frame.

Jimmie Taylor, C, Alabama Challenge – It was a rough game all around for the Alabama Challenge against Team Final, but if there was a bright spot it was certainly Taylor, a 6-foot-10 post player. Taylor finished with 10 points on 5-for-7 shooting and tacked on eight rebounds. He has good touch around the rim, but it was his mid-range jump shots that stood out. He hit a trio of mid-range jumpers, including one where he faced up a defender, created space with a jab and hit a 15-footer.

Jahlil Okafor, C, MAC Irvin – When Okafor, a 6-foot-8, 240-pound big man, catches the ball within five feet of the goal it's nearly a automatic. His hands, touch and ability to create space with his wide frame stand out. In a game where he broke a rim because of his power on a missed dunk attempt, Okafor finished 9-for-12 shooting and scored 19 points in a win over the Georgia Stars. He also reeled in seven defensive rebounds.

*It's easy to see why some have been impressed with Luke Worthington early this AAU season. A 6-foot-8, 240-pound post player, Worthington has soft hands, will throw his body around in the paint and is a willing rebounder.

*Jordan Matthews, the son of a UCLA assistant coach, has shot making ability. In a morning game he went for 19 points on 6-for-12 shooting from the field. When his feet are set, Matthews is a particularly good shooter.

*2013 post prospect Marcus Lee, who will rise significantly in the next batch of rankings, went for 11 points and seven rebounds against WI Playground Elite. He's a talented player with athleticism and mobility.

*B.J. Johnson is a 6-foot-6 lengthy wing that will get plenty of attention. While he needs to get stronger and finish better at the rim, he's intriguing because of his size, athleticism and ability to drive the ball to the rim.

*At this point, I'm not sure what position to categorize Kyle Davis at, but he's certainly an athletic guard with speed. He scored 11 points against the Georgia Stars and also grabbed six boards.

*He's known for his ability on the football field, but Alabama Challenge wing Jeremy Johnson is a talented hoops prospect as well. At 6-foot-6, he's tough, athletic and can score it from the perimeter.

*Alabama Challenge has a couple of talented youngsters. Chai Baker, Devin Booker and William Lee all managed to impress at some point this weekend. Baker and Booker are wing prospects, while Lee is a face up four-man.

*Georgia Stars big man Kyle Doyle had a pretty good outing in a loss to the Mac Irvin Fire. The 6-foot-6 post prospect scored 15 points on 4-for-7 shooting and also reeled in seven rebounds.

Jajuan Johnson said Memphis, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn, Cincinanti, Marquette, Georgetown, Florida, Okalhoma State and Kentucky have shown interest in recruiting him.

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