Spiece: Day Two

FT. WAYNE, IN - The Spiece Run 'N Slam was going in full effect on Saturday, and it was no surprise that James Young led the way with his impressive scoring onslaught.

James Young, SG, The Family – Young simply picked up where he left off at the EYBL. The 6-foot-5 athlete was giving people buckets all game long in every way imaginable. Young was scoring off the dribble, hitting from deep, rebounding, and then getting it in the mid-range as well. With his athleticism, aggressiveness, and excellent shooting stroke, Young has the makings of a big time player at the highest level in college.

E.C. Matthews, SG/PG, The Family – The lefty from Detroit just keeps on improving. He was hitting shots better than in the past, and on top of that he was getting to the rim as usual. Now he does need to do a better job when forced to go right, but Matthews can score has a lot of versatility to his game.

Wes Clark, PG, The Family – While Matthews and Young get most of the attention, Clark is the engine to the team. A rock solid point guard, Clark distributes the ball nicely and just knows how to run the team. He gets his teammates open looks and knows when to push the pace and when to slow it down.

Kendall Stephens, SG, Illinois Wolves – Again Stephens was really hitting his jumper and playing well. With his length and quick trigger, it is tough to contest Stephens' shot, and when he gets a clean look at things it is usually money. He also is getting more aggressive on the glass and showing he can do other things besides shoot.

Nick Fuller, SF, Wisconsin Swing – Just a tough kid who knows how to play and produce. Fuller isn't an elite athlete or an elite shooter, but he is good at everything and has no glaring deficiency. In a win over Spiece Indy Heat, Fuller was scoring from the mid-range and from distance and also played good defense.

Bronson Koenig, PG/SG, Wisconsin Swing – The combo guard headed to Wisconsin showed why he was so coveted by the Badgers. Koenig as usual hit spot up jump shots, and then augmented that by showing good floor vision and making some nice passes. Beyond that Koenig showed some savvy on offense by changing speeds with his dribble and using that to get into a position to make plays.

Demetrius Jackson, PG, MBA Select – After missing Friday for the SAT, Jackson arrived and in a big way on Saturday. Jackson is an elite athlete with strength, and at about 6-feet he finished well above the rim on several ally-oops. Then add in that he is very unselfish and can beat his man off the dribble at will, and it is easy to see why so many schools are working to get involved in his recruitment.

Sam Longwood, SG, Eric Gordon All-Stars – He was a role player during the high school year, but Longwood is really picking things up in the spring. Longwood is getting to the rim well, and has enough strength and athleticism to finish. Also he shows a good feel for how to play, and has some versatility on the defensive end.

Trey Lyles, PF, Spiece Indy Heat – It would be nice to see him go down low and do a better job of controlling the paint, but there is no questioning his elite skill level for his size. Lyles finished above the rim a few times, but it was his ball handling in the half court as well as his three point shooting that was most impressive making him a major matchup problem.

Jaquan Lyle, PG/SG, Spiece Indy Heat – There might not be a better passer in this class than Lyle, and he combined that with some shot making. Lyle had a very impressive first game, and then repeated himself in the second contest. His size is impressive and now that he is in the best shape he has been in, Lyle is getting to the rim easier and showing more explosion. Overall he was very tough to handle and looked focused and motivated.

Bo Burkhart, PG, Spiece Indy Heat – A very good shooter, Burkhart hit several in a row as his team opened up a big second half cushion. Also Burkhart showed that is a very good on ball defender due to excellent lateral movement and desire to lock his man down. Burkart can get overshadowed by Lyle during the high school year, but he does many good things to help his team win.

Jae'Sean Tate, SF/PF, All-Ohio Red – He is just a beast on the low block. Tate did mix in a few jumpers, but overall he did his work 10 feet and in. A super aggressive player with a great knack for rebounding, Tate controlled the glass for All-Ohio, and then scored on putbacks and with his athleticism. His growth will determine his level, but there is no questioning his production.

Tyquone Greer, SG, Meanstreets – An elite athlete, Greer was working to show other parts of his game off. He was getting to the rim virtually at will, and even knocked in a few jumpers. As he continues to tighten up his handle and learns to make better decisions with the ball, Greer will continue to fly up the charts as his upside is through the roof.

Marlon Jones, PF, Meanstreets – There are a lot of tools to work with here with Jones. He is raw, and doesn't have a great idea of what he is doing, but he plays hard and will rebound. Add in that he is fairly long with good athleticism, at 6-foot-8 there is a lot going on here that will attract college coaches.

Jalen Coleman, Spiece Indy Heat, SG – One of tops in his class in the Midwest, Coleman did a lot of good things on Saturday. As usual he was making his jump shot off the catch, but he was also creating for himself in the mid-range using the dribble. His improved handle is important, and it looks like it is coming for Coleman.

Trevor Manuel, C, Meanstreets – This one is all about projection, and there isn't much on the basketball court that you want your center to do that Manuel can't. He runs the floor, has good hands, has a good touch inside 10 feet, and just needs to get stronger and more confident. A lot of growth is left in his game, but the talent level is just through the roof.

Bronson Kessinger, PF/SF, Spiece Indy Heat – He went for over 30 in a morning win, and did it by attacking off the dribble and dominating on the glass. Not the tallest forward in the world, Kessinger simply outworks opponents and has that special knack for knowing where the ball is going to come off of the rim.

K.J. Walton, SG, Spiece Indy Heat – Walton was attacking the rim in a big way. No one was able to keep him out of the lane, and when he got in he did a great job of finishing. Walton has surprising athleticism and good length which also gives him the potential to be an excellent defender. Improving his jumper's consistency will be key, but he is a problem off the dribble.

Wes Clark noted offers from Iowa State, Nebraska, and Dayton. Also interest is coming from Michigan, USC, Indiana, and Iowa.

Bronson Kessinger listed Indiana, Purdue, Boston College, Xavier, and Evansville.

K.J. Walton has early interest from Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, Butler, Wake Forest, Xavier, Michigan, and Michigan State.

Demetrius Jackson says offers are there from Butler, Florida State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Xavier. Also Illinois has really picked up the interest.

Marlon Jones noted Missouri, Purdue, DePaul, and Illinois as serious options

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