Spiece: Breakout Performers

Some of the best young talent, such as K.J. Walton, emerged at the Spiece Run N Slam. Also a quality 2013 prospect like Nick Fuller showed how good he can be.

Size: 7-6/175 |
Quick Take: It was a very solid event for Fuller. Without his frontcourt mate in Luke Fischer on the squad, he had to carry more of the load, and Fuller met the challenge in a big way. Fuller was hitting shots from deep, scoring in the mid-range, and even ran a little bit of point guard at times. In his team's surprise run through the tournament Fuller was often times the best player on the floor and made some absolutely huge shots.

Recruiting: Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Creighton, Butler

Size: 6-5/170 |
Quick Take:A long and rangy wing, Walker got it done both going to the rim and by hitting shots from deep. With his length Walker is an excellent defender who can guard every position in the backcourt, and then also on offense can play either shooting guard or small forward. He isn't an elite athlete, but Walker knows how to play and is a big time scorer when he gets going.

Recruiting: Akron, Eastern Michigan, Iowa, Iowa State, Providence, USC, Xavier

Size: 6-3/185 |
Quick Take: Sometimes he gets overshadowed by some of his classmates in the state, but make no mistake about it Walton can really play. He is a combo guard who is likely to play off the ball going forward. Athletically he has some explosion and then is getting stronger to go with it. He can score in every way possible, and once he figures out how to defend and play hard every possession he will become a complete player.

Recruiting: Purdue, Indiana, Butler, Xavier, Michigan, Michigan State, Wake Forest, Illinois

Size: 6-0/165 |
Quick Take: One of the better pure floor generals in the Midwest, Clark is the engine that makes things work for The Family. His decision making and floor vision make it possible for the talented wings on his team to get going scoring wise. While being a distributor is his main thing, Clark also is a capable shot maker and has pretty good speed with the basketball.

Recruiting: Iowa State, Nebraska, Dayton, Michigan, USC, Indiana, Iowa

Size: 6-9/150 |
Quick Take: There aren't many players in high school basketball quicker than Harris. He is definitely small, but Harris knows how to play at his size and uses it to his advantage. Harris also showed an ability to make shots off the dribble, and quite simply no one could keep him in front of them on defense. His size will scare some schools off, but it is tough to take away what he does on the floor with his natural ability to run a team combined with his elite level speed.

Recruiting: Ohio State, Cincinnati, Dayton, Xavier, Purdue, Michigan

Size: 6-1/195 |
Quick Take:He doesn't necessarily ace the look test, but when it comes to putting the ball in the basket few do it better than Hatton. Hatton was on the receiving end of numerous passes from Quentin Snider, and he made the most of them. Overall Hatton was a lock to get 20 almost every time he stepped on the floor, and is one of the best shot makers in the region. Also defensively he looked far better than in the past.

Recruiting: Xavier, Oklahoma State, Virginia, Butler, Florida State

Size: 6-8/155 |
Quick Take: This is another small point guard in the 2015 class, but one that can absolutely takeover. Poole is so fast that he can get into the lane at will, and once he gets there he is a threat to either score or dish off to an open teammate. Add in that he is a pest on the ball as a defender and he can make shots, and there is a lot to like about Poole even though he is always going to be one of the smallest players on the floor.

Recruiting: Purdue

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