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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Isaiah Swann is taking his game to Hargrave Military Academy next season. Swann spoke with us about his recruitment after an East win.

Isaiah Swann occasionally gets a bad rap. He's going to be a fifth-year player next season at Hargrave and that topic has been somewhat confusing to observers so we asked him to clear it up.

"I repeated my 9th grade year," Swann said, "but I didn't play. My second 9th grade year I played and we won the state championship."

That factoid explains why he had to leave Oak Hill and head to a fifth-year prep school. Basically, he'll spend five years in high school but will only play four and is actually not older than your average member of the Class of 2004.

What he isn't is your average member of the Class of 2004. Swann is a big timer. A lefty guard with a sweet stroke from downtown and athleticism that is rarely found at his position. His favorite spot to let it fly from is in the corner. Most shooters prefer the top of the key or wing, but not Swann.

What is kind of amazing is that Swann is playing with no glasses, no contacts and poor vision in his right eye and he's 5-for-12 from downtown so far at the event.

He's listing Florida State, Virginia Tech and Arizona as the most recent schools to get involved with him. Georgia, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Kentucky and Clemson are his staple list of schools and a winner will emerge from the schools we've mentioned. But when?

"I'll start cutting it down in August," Swann said, "probably to five." He wants to take some visits and will be most interested in the schools that can get him time as a combo guard.

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