USA: Day Three (A.M.)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Most of the people in the gym at USA Basketball hit the proverbial "wall" today. However, Guys like J.R. Smith, Marvin Williams and Robert Swift still had plenty in the tank.


West (2-1) 169, North (0-3) 138
South (2-1) 123, East (2-1) 121

2004 Checklist

Marvin Williams, PF, West: No doubt this was his best effort. He played in just three quarters and watched the fourth because of an ankle injury. USA Basketball's stat disagreed with us but unofficially we had him with 23 points, 13 boards and four assists. Williams is a special player but not because he excels in one area. He does so many things that make him standout and his athleticism sneaks up on guys.

Robert Swift, C, West: He's a serious candidate for the most improved player in the class award. From the way he plays to the way he approaches games, he's come a long way. The guy is a big time scorer and an excellent post passer. 19 and 10 for the future Trojan today.

Arron Afflalo, SG, West: This was probably his best outing of the event and it was a complete effort. Afflalo handled it, passed it and played with confidence, poise and athleticism.

J.R. Smith, SG, East: The most athletic wing here went for 31 points. He helped himself from the perimeter by stroking 6-of-13 attempts. He also had 10 rebounds. J.R. has been pretty impressive over the course of the last three days.

Dorell Wright, SF, West: Those who have been here haven't seen the same guy we saw two months ago. However, on Saturday morning he started to show off. Wright does things athletically that other kids simply can't pull off. Once he really gets a feel for how to play he's a truly scary prospect. He had 18 points today and a number of high-degree of difficulty plays.

Sebastian Telfair, PG, East: "Bassy" struggled with his stroke, going just 1-for-7 from downtown. However, he more than made up for it with a camp-high 14 assists. He finished with 13 points.

Scout's Perspective

For some strange reason, Richard Hendrix only played 6 minutes in Friday night's game. On Saturday, he got 17 minutes and put up 13 points and 9 rebounds. … North guard Drew Neitzel seems much more comfortable shooting on the move then when he's got time to think about his shot. …

Robert Swift does a super job of recognizing the double-team and passing out of it. … Shaun Livingston didn't play much in the second half this morning because of an injury. In watching him through three games, we've seen him force just one bad shot. …

Though his offensive game is not diverse, Kalen Grimes has been able to finish with strong dunks when presented with the ball in scoring position as he's been the last two days. He's probably more center than power forward and will benefit greatly by playing with a good point guard in college. … Russell Robinson got it going today as his shot started falling. He had 15 points. …

What separates a good rebounder from a great one is his ability to chase or get traffic rebounds. Marvin Williams is one of the best traffic rebounders we've seen in the class. He gets boards he's not supposed to. … Steven Hill of the North has legitimate post moves. He's probably undervalued nationally. … Bryce Taylor will make more open 3-pointers than anyone else in the class. …

Inside The Numbers:

Mike Williams' streak of double-doubles continues. Though he didn't achieve the feat at halftime like he did in the other games, he finished with 16 and 10. … Speaking of double-doubles, Dayshaun Wright hung 20 and 10 on the South. … Though the North-West game was ridiculously out of hand and everyone's numbers were severely inflated (except for maybe Marvin Williams) Jordan Farmar finished with 12 assists. …

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