EYBL Dallas: Day One - Part A

FRISCO, TX - The EYBL's third session got going in suburban Dallas on Friday. Houston Hoops got an impressive win, and they were led by Justin Jackson.

Dominic Woodson, C, Texas PRO – A huge center with good hands, Woodson played very well on Friday night. He scored using both his left and right hand around the rim, and then also did a very good job of rebounding. Woodson showed a good ability to pass out of the high post, and ran the floor very well. It was a complete performance for him.

Garrett Colonna, SG/SF, Texas PRO – With Texas PRO struggling during the first half on the offensive end, Colonna got it done shooting the basketball. He is 6-foot-3 with a quick release and range well beyond the three point line. Colonna hit roughly five of them in the game and stretched the defense just with the threat of his ability to fill it up from deep.

Jon Severe, SG, New York Lightning – An undersized shooting guard, Severe has a good stroke from deep and then also has some ability to get to the rim. Severe is fast with the dribble and going right he can be tough to handle. Still what he does best is catch and shoot, and Severe was hitting from deep.

Semi Ojeleye, SF, Mo-Kan Elite – Ojeleye continued his very strong spring with another impressive performance. He was at his best creating in the mid-range off of a few bounces, but also he hit some perimeter jumpers, and rebounded well. Ojeleye has excellent versatility to his game, and is clearly asserting himself as one of the better prospects in the clas.

Andre Sands, PF/C, Mo-Kan Elite – An undersized interior player, Sands was athletic and very productive. Sands was finishing well around the rim, and showed toughness on the glass snagging rebounds. He doesn't have much skill facing the rim, but as a powerful athlete with a motor, he showed some ability.

Derrick Griffin, PF, Houston Hoops – One of the most athletic players in the country, Griffin was doing what he does on the basketball floor. He rebounded, finished around the rim, and changed shots on the defensive end with his length and explosive leaping ability. Not super skilled, Griffin gives what he can on the offensive end, and is the enforcer for the Hoops.

Justin Jackson, SF, Houston Hoops – Quite simply there might not be a better player in the country in the mid-range than Jackson. Off of two bounces with a floater or short pull up from 15 feet he is money, and Jackson had that working. Jackson did a good job scoring, and then also a factor on the glass, especially on offense. He was very solid and played his role well for the game in a winning effort.

Justise Winslow, SF, Houston Hoops – A very unique wing, Winslow handles some point guard duty for the Hoops and knows how to pass the ball. He found teammates open for good shots, but more than anything he was attacking the rim and doing a great job of getting to the foul line. In a game that was officiated tight, Winslow got to the stripe, converted, and then showed effort on the defensive end on nearly every possession.

Kelly Oubre, SF, Houston Hoops – He gets overshadowed by his like skilled teammates, but Oubre made some good plays on Friday. He was a pest on the defensive end using his length and anticipation to get in passing lanes, and then finished with his length and athleticism. When he brings the consistent motor, there are a lot of physical tools for him to work with.

Shaqquan Aaron, SG/SF, Oakland Soldiers – With three of his teammates not in attendance, a lot was asked of Aaron, and for the most part he delivered. As usual he was hitting deep threes, and then showed the length and athleticism to finish in the mid-range. Also Aaron had to rebound because of the short Soldiers roster, and he did so quite impressively given that it hasn't been a strength in the past.

Stanley Johnson, SF, Oakland Soldiers – A very physically strong wing, Johnson used that his advantage. Johnson was rebounding well, but then would go into the post and take advantage of smaller players. Add in that he was hitting threes, and even though his team lost, Johnson played very well.

Trevon Bluiett, SF, Spiece Indy Heat – As usual Bluiett was really hitting open shots. After missing a few clean looks early, Bluiett got free in the second half and his hot shooting blew the game wide open. While Bluiett isn't a great athlete, he has done a good job of getting into the best shape of his life, and has a great IQ and feel for the game.

Trey Lyles, PF, Spiece Indy Heat – Lyles is an elite power forward who was the tallest player on the floor and knew how to take advantage of it. He was scoring around the rim off the dribble, and also scored around the rim both of off offensive rebounds and post feeds. Lyles simply could have scored as many points as he wanted given his physical advantage, and did so when he was on the floor.

Kelly Oubre listed offers from Baylor, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and Texas. Also he is getting interest from Kansas, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Garrett Colonna has attention from UNC-Greensboro, Northeastern, Yale, Sam Houston State, and Montana State.

Dominic Woodson listed Louisville, Oklahoma, Baylor, North Carolina State, and TCU.

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