West Coast Camp Second Session Underclassmen

The second session of the West Coast All Star Camp had some terrific underclassmen participating. Here's our take on a few of them, including David Padgett, Omar Wilkes and Ayinde Ubaka.

In our final report on the West Coast All Star Camp (2nd session), we take a look at the underclassmen.


David Padgett, 6-10 C Reno (Nev.) High. After appearing a bit out of sorts at the Memorial Day weekend tournament in Fresno, David came back with a very solid camp this time out and looked a lot better. His progress might have been a bit slower than we expected, but we still think he ends up among the best in the country at his position. Advanced feel for the game (his dad is a coach), good skills and an aggressive attitude.

Omar Wilkes, 6-2 SG Los Angeles Loyola. After the Stewart twins in Washington, the best two guard prospect in the west. Has the savvy and approach to the game to turn into a point guard if he develops his ballhandling skills, or might just grow another couple inches and remain a wing. More a scorer than pure shooter (although he's perfectly capable out at the stripe) and rarely makes a mistake.

Ayinde Ubaka, 6-1 PG Oakland (Calif.) High. As of today, gets our vote as the best PG prospect in the west. Nice frame, very quick and an excellent handler and passer. His shot needs work, but it's not far away.

Maurice Shaw, 6-9 C Fresno (Calif.) San Joaquin Memorial. Talented big man who has only started to put it together. Doesn't bring it every game, but every so often shows you something that makes you say, "wow, this guy could turn into a helluva player." If his intensity and work ethic ever catch up to his potential, look out.

Kerry Wooldridge, 6-6 SF San Leandro (Calif.) High. Long and slender with reasonably good skills. Played somewhat passively when we saw him, but a good-looking prospect nonetheless.

Bobby Nash, 6-7 SF Honolulu (HI) Iolani. Nice basketball body and a pretty good shot. Handles it ok, but lacks explosiveness. We'd like to see him play a bit more assertively and with some aggressiveness.

Isaiah Allen, 6-2 SG Portland (Ore.) Benson. Solid guard with good quickness. In limited viewings, looked like he could shoot it pretty well.

Anthony Brown, 6-6 SF Sacramento (Calif.) Kennedy. Great body and a good athlete. Skills are ok, decent shot.


DeMarcus Nelson, 6-2 PG Vallejo (Calif.) St. Mary's. One of the top point guards among sophs in the west. Physically strong, with a sweet stroke and good instincts.

Bryce Taylor, 6-3 SG Studio City (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake. Good offensive skills -- shot it off the dribble and at the three-point line. Pretty good athlete and competes well.

Dwight O'Neil, 6-1 PG Fresno (Calif.) Washington Union. Very good athleticism and good penetration ability. Not sure about his shot, as we didn't see him shoot it much, but a nice prospect.

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