EYBL Dallas: Top Performers

As usual the EYBL was loaded with top talent, and players such as Justise Winslow and Andrew Wiggins really stood out.

Size: 7-6/205 |
Quick Take: A 2014 prospect, Winslow definitely impressed with his play. He is a small forward who you can run the offense through, and really there isn't much he can't do on a basketball court. Winslow was making shots, finding open teammates with nice passes, rebounding, and defending multiple spots on the floor. Overall Winslow was the top performer on his loaded team, and it was an impressive outing for him in which he opened up a lot of eyes.

Recruiting: Arizona, Baylor, Duke, Florida, Texas, Texas A&M, Michigan, Houston, Villanova

Size: 7-8/200 |
Quick Take: There aren't many post prospects that can boast the spring that Portis is having. The 6-foot-8 Arkansas commit has ramped up his energy and intensity on the court. Defensively he's much improved, as he's grabbing every rebound he can get his hands on and is contesting shots. Offensively he can score in a variety of ways and is a versatile enough scorer where he can step out and shoot jump shots or score off jump hooks with his back to the rim.

Recruiting: Committed to Arkansas

Size: 7-8/190 |
Quick Take:A player with unique ability, Williams can dominate from the power forward spot. Now he isn't known for his consistency and high-motor, but for the most part he was playing hard all weekend. A very high level athlete with the ability to score around the rim as well as from the outside, Williams is supremely talented and showed in a big way why so many schools are begging to land his commitment.

Recruiting: Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Michigan State, Memphis, Georgetown, Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, Texas, Baylor

Size: 7-8/205 |
Quick Take: An elite prospect, Wiggins is arguably the top talent in all of high school basketball. The physical tools at Wiggins disposal are unmatched at the high school level. At 6-foot-8, Wiggins has elite athleticism. He skies for rebounds, handles the ball quite well for his size and he's developed confidence in his long range shooting. At the rim, he's a terrific finisher. On top of all that, down the road he'll be a terrific defender.

Recruiting: Kentucky, Florida State, Duke, Syracuse, West Virginia

Size: 7-7/215 |
Quick Take: Just an absolute warrior on the basketball floor, Jefferson gets things done in so many different ways. Despite not being a great shooter, he finds a way to score either going to the rim or in the mid-range, and then he is one of the best and most versatile defenders in the class. Jefferson has near elite athleticism and a motor that never stops running. He put Team Final on his back on a few occasions to lead them to victories.

Recruiting: Pittsburgh, Villanova, Temple, Florida, Rutgers, Seton Hall, West Virginia

Size: 6-1/165 |
Quick Take: Pound for pound, Davis is as athletic of a guard as you will find in the high school ranks. Davis, a 6-foot guard, is especially terrific in the open court, where he knows how to get to the rim and despite his lack of size, finishes extremely well. A lefty, Davis rarely shoots the jumper, but instead opts to aggressively attack the basket. Defensively, he's a pest that can defend multiple positions. On a team with elite superstars like Jabari Parker and Jahlil Okafor, Davis has been as consistent and as productive as anyone on the Mac Irvin Fire team.

Recruiting: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Xavier, Marquette, USC, LSU, DePaul, Wichita State, UNLV

Size: 6-8/160 |
Quick Take: There is no questioning his ability to score the basketball. Clark is one of the best shooters in the class and has absolutely no conscious if he misses a shot. He can make jumpers from well, well beyond three point range and also showed some ability off the bounce. His scoring exploits were on full display for everybody to see all weekend long.

Recruiting: Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Memphis, Marquette, Missouri

Size: 7-11/260 |
Quick Take: Offensively, Okafor is as good as it gets at the high school level. The five-star junior center is a tremendous post scorer. It starts with Okafor's leg strength, which helps him carve out great post-position. He's also equipped with a great set of hands that catch everything thrown his way. Once he gets a touch, Okafor can do a variety of things. He has hooks in his arsenal, will throw down drop off passes and knows how to use ball fakes to keep defenders on their toes.

Recruiting: Duke, Michigan State, Ohio State, Illinois, Arizona, Nebraska, North Carolina

Size: 6-1/165 |
Quick Take: Barber was clearly the top performer on the weekend for the loaded Boo Williams team. He is a jet quick PG who really gets by his man, and finishes with athleticism in the lane. On top of that he has a good three point shooter. Now he does need to work on running a team, but the physical capabilities are off the chart for Barber and he was excellent all weekend long.

Recruiting: North Carolina, North Carolina State, Duke, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Kansas

Size: 6-5/180 |
Quick Take: The 26-point outing that Booker put together on Saturday was a performance that sticks in your head. A shooter with size, Booker showed the range on his jump shot, but also displayed why he's a complete player from the guard spot, as he attacked the basket and hit mid-range jump shots. There aren't many knock down shooters in high school and Booker appears to fit that mold. .

Recruiting: Alabama, Arkansas, LSU, Auburn, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina

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