NBPA Camp: Day One, Afternoon Session, Part A

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - The afternoon session at the NBPA Top 100 Camp had some impressive performances, especially from point guard Anthony "Cat" Barber.

Aquille Carr, PG – In a morning game the diminutive point guard had it absolutely working. Carr showed a fairly good balance between looking to score and pass, and was impossible to guard in one-on-one situations. He got to the rim at will, and then also mixed in a few jump shots. Overall it was the balance between being a scorer and someone who passes that was most impressive.

Bobby Portis, PF – The future Arkansas Razorback was an absolute stud in a morning game. He had all of his game working as he ran the floor, rebounded well, and scored inside and in the mid-range. It was the continuation of an excellent spring for Portis, and showed why the bump to five-star status was justified.

Demetrius Jackson, PG – In his first major national event Jackson more than held his own. Jackson showed off his high level defensive ability and also got to the rim fairly well. He is an explosive athlete who is capable of playing both on and off the ball. As he continues to get more comfortable in this setting he should get even better.

Dominic Woodson, C – When it comes to raw production very few had more of it than Woodson. The big man was dominant at times down low and even mixed in a few jump shots. Now Woodson is very right hand dominant when making post moves, but he rebounded well and ran the floor to create buckets for himself.

Anthony Barber, PG – Probably the best point guard in the morning was Barber. "Cat" had his entire game working showing off his big time athleticism and ability to create while also knocking in deep jumpers. Truth be told with his size and speed he was impossible to defend, and Barber was instrumental in helping his team get loads of easy buckets.

Sterling Brown, SG/SF – There just aren't too many wings as skilled as Brown. He isn't the unreal athlete that some in the camp are, but Brown is just productive. He makes good passes, shoots it well from the mid-range and deep, and then also has a good understanding of how to play. Whenever Brown touched the basketball good things seemed to happen for his team.

Davon Reed, SG/SF – A good shooter, Reed didn't have that working so he did other things to stand out during the game. Reed played excellent defense and then rebounded very well from the wing spot. As he continues to refine and work on the other parts of his game aside to shooting he will become even more valuable.

Akoy Agau, C/PF – This is an excellent opportunity to see Agau on an evening playing field against some of the top bigs in the class, and at least during the morning he did his job and played well. Agau showed range out to the three point line, blocked a few shots, and held his own on the glass.

Cliff Alexander, C – The class of 2014 has some big time posts prospects and Alexander takes a backseat to nobody. He showed off excellent hands, good athleticism, and then ran the floor very well. Add in that he rebounded well enough and was a force changing shots and it was a big time morning for Alexander.

D'Angelo Russell, SG – Not many players in camp can score like Russell, and he proved that during the morning session. Russell got a lot done going to the rim, but then also hit jumpers with no effort. Quite simply he was impossible to guard for the majority of the game. He isn't a point guard, but can play some on the ball, and when he has it rolling he is a problem for defenders to deal with.

Kevon Looney, SF/PF – The Milwaukee native just continues to get things done on the floor. He is getting bigger and stronger physically, but that doesn't slow him down at all. Looney uses his long arms to make plays on defense and also get rebounds. Add in that he scores it well inside and out, and this prospect has the makings of someone who will be playing at the highest level for a long time.

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