NBPA Camp: Day Two, Afternoon, Part A

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - Day two at the NBPA Top 100 Camp kicked off with impressive showings from 2014 bigs Chris McCullough and Noah Vonleh.

Moses Kingsley, PF/C – The athletic center again came to play during the morning session, just this time he mixed in a few moves off the dribble exposing other bigs who aren't used to guarding on the perimeter. Kingsley also again blocked a shot or two and was excellent running the floor. It has been a good two day stretch for the four-star player.

Kendal Harris, SG – A fairly athletic guard, Harris did a little bit of everything in the game. Now he didn't explode or standout, but Harris hit a perimeter jumper and then did a solid job of getting to the rim. Harris did disappear a little bit but there are plenty of tools to work with here.

Mamadou Ndiaye, C – This is one massive human being. He is every single bit of 7-foot-4, but is more than just a big body. Ndiaye has good hands, knows how to use a drop step, and has a decent touch around the rim. While not the most mobile player around, Ndiaye does do a decent job of changing ends and will give effort on every possession.

Kennedy Meeks, C – Not the most nimble player in the class, Meeks looks a little heavier than in the past, but he has still found a way to make an impact on the game. Meeks plays solid position defense walling up well down low. Also he is now taking and making threes to go along with being crafty with his back to the basket. He does however need to focus on running the floor better.

Brannen Greene, SG/SF – Again the future Kansas Jayhawk had a solid outing. He is being forced to run some point guard for his team, and that definitely isn't his best look, but still he is getting things done. Greene did most of his damage off the dribble, but then mixed in a jump shot. Also Greene is giving good effort on the defensive end using his strength and long arms to keep opponents in front of him.

Stanford Robinson, SG – When he puts the jump shot in his back pocket and just goes to the rim he is very difficult to contain. Robinson got to the basket and finished through contact quite well, though his perimeter jumper was way off. Still it was a solid outing and one in which Robinson put some points on the board.

Stevie Clark PG/SG – One of the best scorers in the class, Clark is looking to be a distributor here as well. Now he still got a few buckets, but the usually shot happy Clark made a concerted effort to get others involved. That seemed to take him a little out of his game, but still Clark did a solid job of running the show.

Chris McCullough, PF/C – Length, athleticism, and the desire to grab every rebound and dunk everything down low is what McCullough brought to the table in the afternoon session. McCullough was very productive all game long and made his guards look good catching passes and finishing plays. Also McCullough had a highlight level block on the defensive end.

Noah Vonleh, PF – There might not have been a better performance during the afternoon games than the one turned in by Vonleh. He scored inside and out, used his long arms to block shots and cause general havoc on defense, and then also ran the floor and brought the effort ton every single possession. Overall Vonleh was great and made a ton of things happen.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright, PG – Quite simply Jackson-Cartwright has been spectacular all camp long, and especially in his first game on Friday. He controlled the action completely from the point guard position and got others open shots nearly every time down the floor. Also, and probably most importantly, he thinks the game like a much older player and always makes the right decision and at the right time.

Quentin Snider, PG – It wasn't his best showing, but Snider was still very solid in the afternoon game. He hit a couple of shots and was very good on defense causing problems with his long arms. A definite pass first player, Snider got teammates involved and just showed his feel for how to play.

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