FIBA experience good for Ennis

Five-star point guard Tyler Ennis had a good FIBA experience and now he feels he is a better player.

Playing for Team Canada at the FIBA Americas U18 event, Tyler Ennis averaged 11.0 points and 3.8 assists per game. Canada came home with the bronze medal at the event, and according to Ennis it was a good learning experience for him.

At 6-foot-2 with good athleticism and a great feel for how to play, Ennis has grown into a five-star prospect, and now he feels the FIBA experience makes him even better.

"It was a great experience for me," said Ennis. "Just being in another country to play basketball is great. Adjusting to the FIBA rules, the different style of play, and the different officiating it was tough, but it was good to see how they play down there and the style of game."

He continued, "My game grew a lot. Being in gym playing against the home team and home refs with thousands of people watching it prepares you for college more than anything. It was a great thing."

One of the interesting things for Ennis was the fact that he was out of the country on June 15. That meant he couldn't immediately get back to all of the coaches texting and calling him right at midnight once the contact rules were changed.

"I was expecting it and I was ready for it," Ennis explained. "I told the coaches I would text them and call them back when I got back from Brazil, and I did. I haven't had any coaches call me or text too much, so it has been good."

According to Ennis shortly after midnight a few schools in particular made sure to hit his phone.

"Coach Red Autry from Syracuse, Coach Rick Pitino and Coach (Wyking) Jones at Louisville also texted me," said Ennis. "A lot of coaches reached out in the first couple of hours."

Syracuse is a school that has been recruiting Ennis for a while, and he says he feels comfortable with everything about the place.

"The main thing is the freedom the guards get," said Ennis of Syracuse. "They run and gun and the guards have great freedom within the offense. Also it is close to home and they have a Hall of Fame coach. Obviously he knows what he is doing."

He continued about the Orange, "Also they have a lot of talent in the frontcourt. I love being on a team with great bigs, so that is something that is very good."

When it comes to Louisville, Ennis likes what Pitino and his staff can do for his game.

"They are a defensive team, and I know I would get better on the defensive end with them," said Ennis. "Coach Pitino is a Hall of Fame coach, and he has done great with other point guards in the past. If he can do it with them, I feel he would also do it with me."

One school with an interesting connection is Villanova. The Wildcats secured a transfer from Ennis' older brother Dylan. The younger Ennis however says that has no big impact on him.

"Villanova is the one of the only schools that I would consider going to the same school as my brother," said Ennis. "That is just because they play so many guards. They can play two or three point guards at the same time. It honestly doesn't help or hurt them, but maybe I will take a visit and check things out there."

While the recruitment is only intensifying on Ennis, he says he is focus is simple for July.

"July, I just want to be better than last year," said Ennis. "I thought I had a good year last year, but now I want to be better."

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