New England Elite 75 Recap

The New England Elite 75 gathered all of the top talent in the area on one gym in one day. Many impressive performances was turned in, but none better than that of Jared Terrell.

Kuran Iverson, SF – Iverson was clearly one of the most talented players at the event. As play got ragged his game went down a little bit, but following up a good NBPA Top 100 Camp showing he was again very solid. Iverson was showing athleticism, making shots, and finishing around the rim. He needs to do a better job of passing the ball, but in a camp setting that will happen. Overall it was another step in the right direction for him.

Sam Donahue, SG – This kid defines the term "shooter". He was absolutely on fire all day long, and when he had a clean look it was always good. Donahue scored once off the dribble, but the bottom line is he is shooting that thing from deep, and when the feet are set you can mark it down as a bucket.

Abdul-Malik Abu, PF – Not known as a major threat from the perimeter, Abu had that part of his game really working. He caught fire from three, and mixed in post moves and athleticism as usual to score inside and out. Still his bread and butter is within 10 feet of the rim, but Abu proved he is at least capable of developing a face the rim game from the mid-range and out.

Kaleb Joseph, PG – He might be a bit of a combo guard, but the ball dominant player had a great day. He has good size, is athletic, and knows how to pass the ball. Now he does like to shot, and a clean look is one he will take, but also Joseph is a willing passer. Decision making, especially in transition, will determine what level he rises to, but there is major potential here.

Alec Brennan, PF/C – Because of athletic limitations moving laterally he might have to play the center position and try to expose slower and stronger defenders. Still Brennan can score with athleticism around the rim and has a nice stroke from three point range. He has to get stronger and tougher, but at his size with his skill coaches will give him a very long look.

Jared Terrell, SG – He was probably the performer of the day. Terrell used the wide open style of play to get very hot from deep and also finish well above the rim with some impressive dunks. Now his dunk percentage wasn't great, but that was a function of trying to have some fun. Still Terrell has the athleticism, strength, skill, and shot making ability to be a matchup nightmare on the wing and defensively he should be excellent as he learns to give maximum effort on every possession.

Matt Cimino, C- Skill and not athleticism is the name of the game with Cimino. He has a good ability to pick and pop hitting shots from deep, and then also is capable of facing his man and going off the dribble. He is at a definite strength disadvantage as compared to most interior prospects, but that could come in time.

Pascal Chukwu, C – This was one of the surprises of camp. Chukwu has legit 6-foot-10 size, long arms, solid athleticism, and he runs the floor well. He is thinking too much, and doesn't seem natural to basketball on the floor, but at times the flashes all came together. Chukwu is someone who should get a lot of looks during the month of July.

Aaron Falzon, PF – A stretch power forward, Falzon was a hard cover at the camp. At times he got angry and did some damage down low, but he is at his best with his feet set shooting the jump shot. Falzon is a solid athlete, and someone who has a lot of potential as he continues to get more comfortable in finding the balance between being a perimeter threat and using his size on the interior.

Jarred Reuter, PF/C – A big burly interior prospect, Reuter has a great feel for what to do when he gets close to the rim. He has excellent touch and despite not being a great athlete finishes well over size. Reuter needs to continue to work his way back into shape after a spring ankle injury, but there is a lot to like about this old school interior scorer.

Bruce Brown, SF – Athleticism is clearly the name of the game with Brown. He isn't one for much finesse on the basketball court. Brown is attacking off the bounce and going to the rim with bad intentions, and also rebounding in traffic. He will have to get a reliable jumper, but this is a strong athlete who found a way to be very productive.

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