Top spot only motivates Towns

The early No. 1 in the 2015 class is Karl Towns, but don't expect the New Jersey native to stop working anytime soon.

The initial class of 2015 rankings have been released, and Metuchen (NJ) St. Joseph's star Karl Towns is holding down the top spot. The 6-foot-10 center made waves during the high school season and has continued during the AAU year. Now he is the early leader in the clubhouse for top player in the class.

"It is just a blessing and it shows the work and days I have spent in the gym are paying off," said Towns. "For me it just shows that you have to work hard. I know I have to keep working hard to keep my spot."

He continued, "I am big on working hard and staying the gym, so this is just another thing to use as motivation to get done what I have to get done so I can defend my spot."

Motivation and staying humble can only take Towns so far right now. The 15 year old prospect is currently in Venezuela with the Dominican Republic National Team. That means Towns is going up against an NBA All-Star on a daily basis.

Towns says that is doing nothing but making him better.

"It is helping me tremendously," said Towns of being on the Dominican team. "I am learning different styles of basketball. I am playing against professionals and guarding Al Horford every day. It is making me a better post player, a better defender, and I am becoming smarter. This has given me new knowledge and new ability that I never thought I would have."

For Karl Towns Sr, who was a star basketball player in his own right, he is giving his son advice on how to handle everything, but it is his son's off the court work that makes him most proud.

"The best advice we give him is to stay humble and stay aggressive," said Towns Sr. "We want him to drive for everything he wants to achieve."

He continued, "As a father I am more proud of the fact that he has maintained a 4.3 grade point average. With all the travel and all the tryouts, he never let his school work slip. Karl wants to be a doctor after basketball, so for me and his mother we are more proud that he maintained his grade point average than any ranking."

Focusing on basketball and academics also extends to how the family is handling Towns' recruitment. Offers and interest have come in from schools like Michigan, Michigan State, Kentucky, Ohio State, North Carolina, Rutgers, Syracuse, UCLA, Maryland, and numerous others.

However Towns Sr. says that simply isn't the focus right now for the nation's top 2015 prospect.

"What we've done is told all of the college coaches to call his high school coach, and we let him deal with all of those calls," said the elder Towns. "We let him answer the coaches on where Karl will be in July and everything. We have more to worry about right now. His coach is doing a tremendous job at handling all of that, and we appreciate everything."

He continued, "Karl is a different type of kid. He is very humble and doesn't let any of this bother him. He just wants to get better and use what he learns to get better."

Overall the talk of recruiting will no doubt happen in the Towns household, and it will be a long conversation given all the opportunities he will have. However that just isn't happening right now.

"How do we handle this, we appreciate it and we are very happy, but we never talk about the word ‘recruiting'," explained Towns Sr. "The recruiting thing will come later. We just have so much other stuff going on. It is good that our son has made an impression on coaches, but it is about getting him a free education and that is something we will look at later."

Currently Towns sits No. 1 in his class on the court and No. 1 in his high school student body in the classroom, and as long as he remains focused it will be tough to knock him off either perch.

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