Ten new faces enter rankings

Here are a look at the players who made a rise into the 2014 top 75.

The class of 2014 rankings saw 10 new faces enter the top 75. Part of the reason is due to the fact that two players, Devon Hall and Wayne Selden, moved to the 2013 class, and part of it is due to seeing different players for the first time.

Here is a look at the 10 guys who made the jump into the rankings and what they did to earn their spot.

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The highest rated of the new guys at No. 26, is Ahmed Hill. A shooting guard out of Georgia, Hill was very impressive at the Nike Elite 100. At 6-foot-4, Hill can score going to the rim and is also a solid jump shooter with good athleticism. Already Hill is seeing significant attention from the ACC and SEC, and has clearly emerged as one of the best guards in the class.

Small forward Kameron Chatman out of California broke into the rankings at No. 42. Chatman has impressed with his length, feel for the game, and ability to get to the rim using the dribble. While Chatman isn't an elite athlete, he has good size, looks to still be growing, and knows how to make plays off of the wing. He is one of the kids on the West Coast that has been most impressive in the early part of the summer.

Just on his heels is No. 46, Larry Austin. The Springfield, Illinois native is an athletic point guard who can really score off the dribble. A solid shooter, Austin has also found a way to keep defenders honest by knocking in jumpers. Add in that he is a good passer, and Austin has been very impressive and is seeing his stock go up quite a bit.

A slashing wing, Therence Myamiba cracks the rankings at No. 51 following an impressive showing at the Nike Elite 100. Myambia is a very athletic wing with good size who is mostly in attack mode going to the basket. The upside here is huge for Myambia as he begins to emerge on the national radar.

Maybe the toughest and most productive guy on the list is Jae'sean Tate. The 6-foot-5 forward is a double-double every time out on the floor, and has proven himself at every level. Tate is one of the best rebounders in the class despite not being super tall, and just finds a way to be productive. Whenever people watch Tate, they just come away saying "that kid is a beast."

The physically biggest newcomer to enter the rankings is Elbert Robinson. A big center at of Texas, Robinson is now the No. 60 player in the 2014 class. Robinson has soft hands, nimble feet, and knows how to carve space down low with his big frame.

Arguably the best defensive player on the wing in the class is Kelly Oubre. The Houston native is on a loaded AAU team so he doesn't have to do too much on the offensive end, but now the No. 66 prospect in the country, Oubre has the size, athleticism, and motor to impact the game in a variety of ways.

A big time shooter on the West Coast, Chris Sandifer now checks in at No. 67. With good athleticism and an excellent left handed stroke, Sandifer has been one of the best players consistently on the West Coast all spring and summer, and now finds his way into the rankings.

One player who shined at the NBPA Top 100 camp is Keith Pinckney. The point guard came out of nowhere to have a very strong showing in Charlottesville, and with his speed, ability to get into the lane and make plays, combined with basketball IQ a bump into the top 75 was more than justified.

Finally there is Dorian Pickens out of Arizona. One of the best pure shooters in the class, Pickens lit it up at the Nike Elite 100 from deep, but what got him bumped into the rankings is that he showed off an improved ability to put the ball on the deck and score that way.

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