Adidas Invitational: Day Three

INDIANAPOLIS - Tournament play got rolling during day three of the Adidas Invitational. With coaches looking on, Elliott Pitts, Elijah Brown, and Tim Quarterman along with several others made an impression.

Elijah Brown, SG, Double Pump Elite – With his team in a bracket play game, Brown absolutely came to play. The athletic shooting guard who is capable of getting hot from deep was absolutely scorching. He knocked in at least six triples, and also scored a few times going to the rim. Brown put his team on his back and led them to an impressive win, and in the process built up a lot of good will amongst college coaches.

Brandon Randolph, PG, Double Pump Elite – A very fast floor general, Randolph was excellent in transition and found open shooters well. He is more than capable of coming off a ball screen and getting to the rim, and seems like someone whose outside shot needs to be respected. On defense he is solid, but it is his speed in transition that really stood out.

Andrew Chrabascz, PF, ECE Mass – A tough and aggressive player, Chrabascz kept his team in the game against Double Pump. He was scoring inside despite being slightly undersized at 6-foot-7, and then was taking his man off the dribble as well. Quite simply he made a living at the foul line and was excellent on both the offensive and defensive glass.

Elliott Pitts, SG, Bay Area Hoosiers – Pitts is a savvy player who is an average to good athlete, but has a great feel for the game. He is able to score off of screens and knows how to pass the basketball as well. Pitts greatly prefers to go right instead of left, but is versatile enough and skilled enough to have a huge impact on the game. Also he works on the defensive end.

Noah Allen, SF, Bay Area Hoosiers – Just a solid all-around player, Allen was good in a morning game that ended in a loss. He is a very capable jumper shooter out to the three point line, and then is big enough to guard multiple positions. Allen also has good grades and is the type of prospect that coaches love to have on their team due to his basketball IQ and savvy.

Cornelius Elder, PG, Team Nashville – Seen as a high level football prospect, Elder says his heart is with the game of basketball. Elder is an elite athlete who can really get to the rim off the bounce and finishes well in traffic. Where he has to improve is with decision making and running the team. Sometimes he doesn't lead, and from the point guard spot that will be his growth area and determine his level as a prospect.

Jamontae Davis, PF, Team Nashville – Upside is the key word with Davis. Right now he is raw and unrefined, but the bottom line is at 6-foot-7 with an excellent ability to run the floor and block shots, there is a lot to like long term. He needs to get stronger and improve his post moves, but Davis has the hands and athleticism to be a project that works out.

Deshaun Morman, SF, Virginia Assault – Athleticism is not in short supply for Morman. He knows how to attack the rim, finishes through contact, and has an excellent first step. Right now Morman is mostly someone who slashes off the bounce, but he did hit once in the mid-range. Also a good defender, Morman finds a way to have a major impact on the game even if he isn't scoring.

Solomon Poole, PG, Atlanta Celtics – His foul shooting was well awful, but outside of that Poole really did a lot of good things. He showed off his freakish athleticism on some dunks, made some good decisions with the basketball, and also did a good job of beating his man off the dribble and getting to the line. Poole will need to keep consistent focus throughout the game and continue to look to pass and not just score, but this was a solid outing for him in a playoff win.

Tim Quarterman, SG, Atlanta Celtics – Very few players have improved over the past year like Quarterman. He is athletic, long, and versatile in the backcourt. While not a point guard, he can play on the ball, and off the ball is where he is at his best using his athleticism and shot making ability. His versatility is outstanding on the defensive end, and Quarterman knows how to play hard on every possession.

Anthony January, PF/SF, Dream Vision – January is supremely talented. The focus isn't always there on every play, but the talent is. He has a big frame, a lot of athleticism, and can score inside as well as in the mid-range. Right now he is still a bit more potential over production, but the production is definitely coming.

Isaac Hamilton, SG, Dream Vision – In the first half of a close win, Hamilton was doing a lot of good things. He was passing the ball and making good decisions as well as his usual scoring output. Now he did get a bit one dimensional as a shooter in the second half, but the bottom line is this kid knows how to put the ball in the basket.

Daniel Hamilton, SG, Dream Vision – Bigger and more athletic than his brother, Hamilton also was very solid in a win. Hamilton got to the rim and finished with impressive athleticism, and showed off his ability to handle the basketball in traffic. Now his shot was off, but he realized that he did other things to get his offense going.

Hyron Edwards, PG, Indiana Elite – The electric point guard was very solid in his team's blowout win. Edwards is absolutely dynamic in transition and when asked to finish around the rim he does so with ease. Now when the game slowed down he wasn't quite as good, but the bottom line is Edwards led his team to an impressive blowout win.

Chandler White, SG, Indiana Elite – A very athletic wing, White was getting to the basket with ease. Due to his athleticism he can finish through contact and in traffic which is a major bonus. Now White will have to continue to refine the jump shot, but he is so proficient at getting to the basket that he doesn't often settle for the jumper.

Sedrick Barefield, PG, Compton Magic – One of the better passers you will see for his age group, Barefield was very impressive in leading his team to a huge win. Barefield is also a solid shooter from distance, but his ability to penetrate into the lane and find open teammates is what separates him from his peers.

Cameron Walker, PF, Compton Magic – The potential is through the roof with this 6-foot-7 power forward. Now in time he could move more to the wing, but for now he does most of his damage near the rim with a long wingspan and big time athleticism. Walker has a decent looking stroke on his jumper, but still is far more comfortable the closer he gets to the basket.

Sedrick Barefield has early interest from Arizona, USC, Connecticut, UCLA, Kansas, Harvard, and Washington

Jamontae Davis lists offers from Murray State, Middle Tennessee State, and Tennessee State. Also interest is coming in from Tennessee, Lipscomb, and Temple.

Elijah Brown is listing St. Mary's, Butler, San Francisco, and the majority of the Pac 12.

Brandon Randolph has offers from San Diego State and Pepperdine. Also interest is coming from USC, St. Mary's, Providence, Harvard, and other Pac 12 schools.

Tim Quarterman's list is George Mason, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Miami, Massachusetts, Seton Hall, Wake Forest, Florida, Florida State, and Mississippi State.

Herb Sendek was front and center for Elliott Pitts. Also assistants from Arizona, Georgetown, Washington, Temple, USC, and California were present.

Hyron Edwards drew assistants from Illinois and Indiana.

Daniel and Isaac Hamilton had assistants from California, UCLA, USC, Washington, and San Diego State in the gym.

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