Adidas Invitational: Day Five

INDIANAPOLIS - Titles were up for grabs on Sunday at the Adidas Invitational, and teams from all over came to play. In the end though, it was Demetrius Jackson and Quentin Snider that made the loudest statements.

Demetrius Jackson, PG, MBA Select – Jackson has simply taken his game to a whole new level at the start of July. Always excellent in transition and at getting to the rim, Jackson is now shooting the ball at an extremely high level. He led his team to a gold bracket championship, and in the process was getting double-doubles, and overall played as well as any prospect in the country.

Demarcus Croaker, SG, Florida Elite – In the championship game of the platinum bracket Croaker got hot from three, and his huge lift gave his team a fairly healthy cushion. A good athlete, Croaker is capable of getting to the rim off the dribble, and then in versatile enough to play multiple positions on the floor. Still it is his shot making that is most impressive, and Croaker played his way into several scholarship offers.

Kasey Hill, PG, Florida Elite – By his standards it was a fairly average game. Still in the second half Hill completely controlled things. He wouldn't let New Heights speed up the game and handled pressure very nicely. Also Hill knocked in a few jumpers, and just looked to be a fairly dominant force when he wanted to and his team needed him to be that.

Jalen Jenkins, SF, New Heights – Again the George Mason commitment looked like a prospect who could develop into an all-league type of player. Jenkins scores it well from all three levels on the court, and is a dynamic defender who blocks shots from the weak side and also can check his man. Jenkins was huge in getting his team to the championship game, and then again was solid despite a loss in the finals.

Jordan Washington C, New Heights – Just a big burly center down low, Washington was active and productive in the finals. He used his strength to dominate at times down low, and then was also skilled enough to finish in traffic. It was good to see Washington playing hard and with a motor because that has always been the question with him.

Quentin Snider, PG, Louisville Magic – Facing off against the best and most intense pressing team in the country, Snider showed why he is now an elite point guard. He handled the pressure with ease, made good decisions, and simply controlled the game. Snider didn't really make shots, but he didn't need to. He was dropping dimes to teammates and his ball handling willed his team to the win.

Shane Hall, PF, Louisville Magic – There aren't many kids more athletic than Hall. The 6-foot-8 power forward was a game changer with his athleticism in the finals. He blocked shots, finishes around the rim with dunks, and even handled the ball in the open floor fairly well. Also Hall against a dynamic rebounding frontcourt more than held his own.

Trey Grundy, SF/PF, Louisville Magic – It has been a rough summer at times for Grundy, but with his team needing a big performance he delivered. He did a little bit of everything from rebounding, to passing, to hitting jumpers. Grundy has good versatility to his game and the potential is there, and if he can continue this kind of performance his stock will be on the rise.

Brandon Hatton, SG, Louisville Magic – The signature play for the Louisville Magic in their rout of Team Thad was a one-handed dunk by D'Angelo Russell in transition, but it was the pass from Hatton and not the dunk that was most impressive. Hatton threw a 40 foot pass in traffic on a line for the slam proving he is more than a shooter. Also he scored from the mid-range and inside.

Justin Tillman, PF, REACH Legends – An athletic player, Tillman tries to dunk everything and anything he can. Despite not being the tallest player in the country, he is productive on the glass and has a good idea of how to finish and create angles to the rim. How much he grows will determine his level, but right now Tillman is tracking in the right direction and it wouldn't be a surprise if high-majors start getting involved in this recruitment.

Marcanvis Hymon, PF, Team Thad – An athletic forward who is slightly undersized, Hymon more than makes up for it in aggression, motor, and length. Hymon was making plays above the rim, and despite his team struggling overall he was fairly productive. He showed a bit more range with the jumper than in the past, and that is a good thing. If he can continue to add skill to the athleticism, look out.

Anton Beard, SG/PG, Team Thad – He never plays point guard because of the system run by his team, but Beard still shows signs ball handling and decision making wise of being able to play the position. Still what he does best is flat out shoot the basketball. He does it inside and from the mid-range. A natural scorer, Beard's style is going to fit very well at Missouri.

Austin Conway, PG, Colorado Hawks – There can't be too many point guards in the class of 2015 with more speed with the basketball than Conway. He is an absolute jet in transition and has a great presence about his a floor general. His play was vital in keeping the Hawks I the game in the finals. No one could stay in front of him all tournament long, and despite being small, he has a big impact on the game.

Troy Green, SF, Colorado Hawks – A big time athlete, Green is capable of a highlight at any point in time. He also showed some ability to hit a little jumper in the mid-range, but it is his bounce and rebounding off the wing that was most impressive. Also with his athleticism and length he should be a heck of a defender in time.

Dwayne Gibson, SG, Eric Gordon Central Stars – One of the role players on the team, Gibson stepped up huge in the championship game. He hit shot after shot from deep, and also rebounded well for his size. A solid ball handler, Gibson didn't get any varsity time this year during the high school year, but as he keeps on making shots colleges will keep taking notice.

Ryan Welage, PF, Eric Gordon Central Stars – A big man who is beginning to come into his own, the 6-foot-8 Welage was rebounding well in and out of his area, threw in a jump hook, and then also mixed in some drives from the mid-post. As he continues to get stronger he will definitely be someone who has a chance to make a big impression.

Demetrius Jackson mentioned new interest is coming in from Louisville to go along with the usual suspects of Butler, Notre Dame, Illinois, and Kansas.

Florida Head Coach Billy Donovan stuck around late to follow Chris Walker in the championship game.

Butler Head Coach Brad Stevens was joined by assistants from Kansas, Notre Dame, and Illinois in tracking Demetrius Jackson.

Xavier, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, and Central Michigan were all taking a look at Justin Tillman.

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