Top Performers: RBK Camp, Showdown Series

PHILADELPHIA -- After spending five days at three different events, it's time to pick out the top five standouts. Andrew and Aaron Harrison are the easy picks, but who else made an impression?

Size: 6-5/205 |
Quick Take: On opening day, Harrison went into video game mode, launching and making shot after shot. In all, he hit six threes in the first half and finished with 28 points. But it didn't stop there. Aaron and his brother torched the camp and the tournament. Harrison's shot making ability is impressive, but he's equally as good attacking the basket or pulling up for mid-range jump shots. It was a dominant performance for Aaron.

Recruiting: Kentucky, Maryland, Baylor, Villanova

Size: 6-5/205 |
Quick Take: If one thing was clear at Reebok Breakout Camp, Andrew and his brother Aaron were head and shoulders above the competition. During the first day the pair torched a camp team and won by 30 plus. Once the Showdown Series rolled around, Andrew and his brother were blowing out teams in the AAU tournament as well. A tremendous passer, Harrison created opportunities for teammates, but also mixed in points.

Recruiting: Kentucky, Maryland, Baylor, Villanova

Size: 7-9/205 |
Quick Take: Nicholas spent five days in Philadelphia and he was strong from start to finish. At the RBK Breakout Camp, Nichols was effective on the block, ran the floor with purpose and contested shots on the defensive end. In the tournament, he did much of the same. With M33M Elite, Nichols' number was called regularly and he scored at will when he got touches. He's made improvements to his game and it shows.

Recruiting: Tennessee, Duke, North Carolina, Memphis, Florida, Virginia, Missouri, Texas

Size: 6-2/180 |
Quick Take: The surprise of the event was arguably this 6-foot guard from Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill. Iroegbu was dominant at times. He pushed the tempo, used his athleticism to make plays at the rim and showed a much-improved mid-range game. Iroegbu played with poise and made much better decisions with the basketball than I've seen in the past.

Recruiting: USC, Washington State, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Virginia Tech, College of Charleston, California, UNLV, Stanford, UCLA

Size: 7-7/190 |
Quick Take: While I only saw Roberson once during the five-day period the one viewing is stuck in my head. Roberson erupted for a 25-point, 14-rebound effort and dominated the entire game. The effort and energy was there. He grabbed every board he could, contested shots on the defensive end, flushed back misses and scored on the block. Roberson has had his moments, but this was a shining one on a big stage.

Recruiting: Villanova, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Rhode Island, Syracuse, Kansas, Pittsburgh, Florida, Cincinnati, Alabama

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