Adidas Invitational: Breakout Performers

As usual some players exploded early in the month of July. Leading the way at the Adidas Invitational was Joel Embiid and Nathan Hawkins.

Size: 6-4/175 |
Quick Take: A good athlete who also can handle the basketball, Hawkins showed a lot of versatility to his game impressing coaches and onlookers. Hawkins has always been known as a big time shooter, and that was definitely evident, but it was his play at the point guard position for the Mustangs that was so impressive. He can defend multiple positions, and with his more refined game shining through look for more schools to make a big move with Hawkins by the end of the month.

Recruiting: Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Kansas State, Creighton, Marquette, Tulsa, Wichita State

Size: 7-0/220 |
Quick Take: In a class lacking many true bigs, the fact that Embiid emerged the way he did is going to be very well received by many coaches. He is a legit 7-feet tall, runs the floor well, is capable of blocking shots, and also is a solid rebounder. Unlike many kids who are new to the game, Embiid has good hands and has some idea of how to play. High-majors are going to keep tracking him as the month goes on, and it wouldn't be a surprise at all if double-digit high-major offers come his way.

Recruiting: Florida, UCLA, Louisville, George Washington

Size: 7-6/185 |
Quick Take: Opposing coaches in the CAA have to be distraught that Jenkins is headed to their league. He was instrumental in leading New Heights to the championship game. Along the way Jenkins blocked shots, scored inside, created off the dribble, and made shots from the mid-range and out. Overall it was tough to be more versatile and do more things than Jenkins did. He has all-league potential going forward.

Recruiting: Committed to George Mason

Size: 6-10/160 |
Quick Take:He gets overshadowed on his high school team, and also a lot of times on his AAU team, but the bottom line is Cunningham is a kid who is getting a lot better. He is a pass first point guard who makes great decisions, but also has the ability to score. Not super big or strong, he just knows how to set up defenders and get by them by changing speeds. Overall it was a great weekend for him and he played a key role in helping his team to a championship.

Recruiting: Western Kentucky, Samford, Notre Dame, Murray State, Cincinnati

Size: 7-7/205 |
Quick Take: A slightly undersized yet highly athletic player, Hymon is someone who can go get the ball off the glass as well as anyone. Hymon is overshadowed at times by teammate Leron Black, but he more than proved he is capable of making huge plays of his own. He was excellent defensively blocking shots, and then on the offensive end was making jumpers which is something new. As he continues to get more skilled shooting the ball, more offers will come his way.

Recruiting: Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Memphis, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Missouri, Murray State

Size: 6-8/165 |
Quick Take:He is small, but Conway is absolute jet with the ball. Conway can go baseline-to-baseline as fast as any player in the nation. He got the best of other highly touted point guards in his class, and led his team to a championship game appearance. Also Conway is a solid shooter, and someone who has a good feel for how to play the position. Some will be scared off by his size, but the bottom line is he has a great feel for how to play and is an absolute game changer in the open court.

Recruiting: Arizona, Colorado, Colorado State

Size: 7-6/195 |
Quick Take: One of the most versatile players on the West Coast, Lexing was very impressive. He can play any of the three backcourt positions, and defensively he has the ability to be excellent. Lexing made threes, created off the bounce, and then used his athleticism to finish above the rim. Once he adds physical strength he could be a big time problem to guard. He has been a bit of a sleeper out West, but after a strong showing on a bright stage his phone should be very busy.

Recruiting: Colorado, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington State, Santa Clara

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