Eke In No Hurry

FOX Sports NEXT caught up with Bakersfield (Calif.) East 2014 power forward Fatai Eke at the Pangos Summer Sweet Sixteen tournament to talk offers, the upcoming season, and more...

Bakersfield (Calif.) East 2014 power forward Fatai Eke was out at the Pangos Summer Sweet Sixteen tournament in Long Beach (Calif.) showcasing his talent on the court.

"I think my biggest strength is my athleticism. In the off-season, I've really been working on my shot, my handles, and working with my team to play together and look for that open man," he said.

Eke has caught the attention of a few college programs, as he currently holds offers from San Jose State, Washington State, Cal State Bakersfield, and Cal State Northridge. He's also been receiving interest from Colorado and San Francisco.

However, the 6'7", 200 lb. prospect is taking his time with the recruiting process.

"I haven't really thought about it yet. I want to get more familiar with the schools," he said.

Eke did, however, say that Colorado was a program he's interested in and hopes to check out, as "it looks like a good school."

When he does start to explore his options, Eke isn't making proximity a priority

"Hopefully, I'll stay on the West Coast but it's whatever right now," he said.

For now, Eke is content to impress on the court and let the recruiting process ride out as he enters his junior year.

"I'm enjoying the recruiting process. I feel way more confident now that I have some offers. Now, I'm looking forward to my junior season. I love playing with the team, being able to travel and see new places. Our team has a few things we are working on, and we lost some of our main games this year, but we look all right," he said.

Off the court, there is one aspect Eke is focusing on.

"Being a captain, being a leader, is something I'm working on this year. My coach tells me to step up my game a little more, so I'm working on it," he said.

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