Peach Jam: Top Performers

In such a high level event it is tough to isolate a few guys as the top performers, but here are eight who dominated at the Peach Jam.

Size: 7-8/215 |
Quick Take: Already a top five player, Gordon even raised his level of play a notch in this event. He led his team to the title, and did so by dominating athletically and with his developing perimeter skill. Gordon isn't even yet completely healthy, however he has made great strides with his game. The question isn't if Gordon is elite, now the question is, is he the best in the class.

Recruiting: Washington, Arizona, Kentucky, Oregon, Kansas, New Mexico, Stanford

Size: 6-5/205 |
Quick Take: An undersized player, Tate simply dominates with athleticism, heart, and hustle. No one was able to keep Tate from getting double-doubles, and he did it at an elite level as a team leader. Tate helped his team to an impressive record, and overall was one of the players who was most productive. Coaches all commented on how much they loved watching him play, and that has translated into more offers.

Recruiting: Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan, Dayton, Xavier, Michigan State, Butler

Size: 7-8/225 |
Quick Take: Randle is as focused and determined as he has ever been in his career. A very athletic player, he can finish in traffic with the best of them, and then also he dominated on the glass. Randle took over games quite often, and put his team on his back. Randle was at such a high level, that even double teams had no impact on his ability to take over games.

Recruiting: Kansas, Texas, Baylor, North Carolina, Duke, Ohio State, Oklahoma

Size: 7-8/205 |
Quick Take:Just an absolute freak of nature on the basketball court, Wiggins was almost always the premier player in the gym. He didn't have one bad game the entire event, and most of the time he was dominant. An unbelievable athlete, Wiggins is also upping his skill level and is now a reliable shooter. One-on-one he is impossible to stop, and was within an eyelash of helping his team capture the title.

Recruiting: Kentucky, Florida State, North Carolina, Duke, West Virginia

Size: 7-7/215 |
Quick Take: Jefferson defines the term toughness. He is an elite athlete who would run through a brick wall if meant getting a win. As a defender he is probably the best in the country on the ball, and then rebounding wise he does an excellent job as well. Jefferson can score going to the rim, and is a very good passer. In terms of production, just very few kids get done what Jefferson gets done.

Recruiting: Arizona, Florida, Memphis, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, Texas

Size: 7-6/205 |
Quick Take:Ojeleye just keeps on improving and consistently put on an impressive show for the coaches in attendance. A very physically strong wing, Ojeleye is at his best slashing off the dribble, but is also becoming excellent as a catch and shoot guy from deep. He is a very good rebounder as well, and has the ability to really defend. Add in that he has a good understanding of the game, and Ojeleye is someone whose best basketball is ahead of him, and he is already pretty darn good.

Recruiting: UCLA, Stanford, Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, Duke, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Oregon, Wisconsin

Size: 7-6/205 |
Quick Take: Just an elite player, Winslow is so solid every single aspect of the game. Winslow plays on the ball a lot, and is a point forward who is excellent at creating for himself or others. Also he is a better than advertised athlete. More so than anything, Winslow loves to win and will do everything for his team. Just such a solid fundamental player, his understanding of the game creates a ton of opportunities for his team.

Recruiting: Arizona, Texas, Texas A&M, Duke, Baylor, Florida, North Carolina, UCLA, Villanova

Size: 7-10/230 |
Quick Take: A face up power forward, McCullough took his game to a new level during the Peach Jam. When his teammates threw him the ball he was completely unstoppable making shots from the outside or taking his man off the dribble. When they didn't throw him the ball, which was often, McCullough was getting it off the glass and finishing with athleticism. Add in that he was a shot blocking machine and gave great effort, and it was a total effort in every way for McCullough.

Recruiting: Arizona, St. John's, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Providence, Syracuse, UCLA, West Virginia

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