SoCal Tournaments: Top Performers

Who were the top performers of the Fullcourt Press Cream of the Crop and Double Pump Best of Summer? breaks it down.

Size: 6-4/190 |
Quick Take: Normally a player that has been content in settling for his jumper, Brown showed a new side of his game in Anaheim, aggressively attacking the basket. Brown has always been able to knock down jumpers from both midrange and three, but if the shot isn't falling, he wasn't playing well. If Brown can add the ability to consistently get to the rim to his repertoire, it will open everything up for him. He took his game in a very good direction last week.

Recruiting: Akron, Arizona, Colorado, James Madison, Kent State, Oregon, Saint Mary's (CA), San Diego, San Diego State, Toledo

Size: 6-4/195 |
Quick Take: Few players upped their recruiting stock in Los Angeles like Johnson did. With the Pac-12 looking on, Johnson helped lead his Play Hard Play Smart squad to a Cream of the Crop title, earning himself several new scholarship offers from high major programs in the process. A player capable of hitting the outside shot and getting to the basket, Johnson's body control and handle also make him a kid who has a lot of potential on the next level.

Recruiting: Arizona State, Boise State, Colorado, Drake, Fresno State, Gonzaga, Oregon, Oregon State, Pepperdine, Saint Mary's (CA), San Diego State, San Francisco, San Jose State, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, UC Irvine, USC, Utah, UTEP, Washington State

Size: 6-3/170 |
Quick Take: All Benson's Double Pump Elite 2014 team does is win and the Tempe (Ariz.) Corona Del Sol point guard is a big reason for that. Benson is a player with a high basketball IQ that has a nice combination of the talent to make his teammates better while also being crafty and skilled enough to score points on his own. He's picking up Pac-12 offers left and right due to his impressive play on the AAU circuit this summer.

Recruiting: Arizona State, Boise State, Boston College, Colorado, Gonzaga, Oregon, Oregon State, Saint Mary's (CA), San Francisco, USC

Size: 6-0/165 |
Quick Take: McLaughlin just keeps taking his game to the next level. Every time you watch McLaughlin play you learn something new about what he's capable of, and there haven't been many defenders at this level who have proven there is any way whatsoever to stay in front of this kid, who not only is a ridiculous athlete but has an unbelievable handle. Add in a jumper and scoring and passing ability and you have a player on the fast track to five-star status.

Recruiting: Arizona, Connecticut, San Francisco, Syracuse, UCLA, UNLV, USC

Size: 7-6/190 |
Quick Take: There weren't enough breakout players for a separate article, but Hermanson would have headed that list. As it is, he did enough to make this one. A player who can hit the three, take his man off the dribble and either pull up from midrange or attack the basket, while also playing hard on defense, Hermanson also has a high basketball IQ and willed his team deep into the Best of Summer.

Recruiting: St. Mary's, Gonzaga, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Utah, Washington State

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