Peach Jam/Peach State: Breakout Performers

At the Peach State Summer Showcase P.J. Dozier and Grayson Allen were stealing the headlines while at the Peach Jam Josh Cunningham and Andres Broman were opening eyes.

Size: 7-6/185 |
Quick Take: Dozier has a chance to be one of the elite players in the 2015 class. He is a big point guard who is still growing, has the ability to shoot the basketball, and sees the floor well. As a floor general he runs his team and has the ability to get into the lane and make plays for himself or others. He needs to continue to get stronger, but for a kid who hasn't yet entered his sophomore year in high school the sky is absolutely the limit.

Recruiting: South Carolina, Clemson, North Carolina State, Tennessee

Size: 6-3/175 |
Quick Take: Playing up an age level, McClure was the leading scorer in the 16-and under finals, and showed his uncanny ability to put the ball in the basket. Despite not being super taller or an elite athlete, McClure has a great understanding of how to set up defenders. He is a big physically developed so the upside could be somewhat limited, but already he is playing at a high level against older prospects.

Recruiting: Baylor, Duke, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma State, Kansas

Size: 6-2/175 |
Quick Take: A high level student, Broman is probably even a better shooter. When he gets his feet set he is almost always money. While he benefits from having Tyus Jones as his point guard, Broman knows how to play and is excellent at coming off of screens. With a quick release and good footwork, it doesn't take Broman much time at all to get his shot off and that has led to excellent results.

Recruiting: Bucknell, Bryant, Colgate, Kent State, Yale, Holy Cross

Size: 6-3/180 |
Quick Take:Allen was an absolute revelation at the Peach State Summer Showcase. He was virtually unknown two weeks earlier, and every game he played more and more high-major coaches were coming to his games, and all of them were coming away impressed. Allen is a good athlete, can score off the bounce, and also makes shots from deep. Look for double-digit high-major offers to come his way by the end of the month.

Recruiting: Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Notre Dame, Purdue, South Florida

Size: 6-10/180 |
Quick Take: An absolute blur with the basketball, Nairn can get to the rim virtually whenever he wants. He is strong, finishes well in traffic, and is also a good defender. Nairn's strong play helped MoKan Elite make it to the Peach Jam Final Four. He needs to work on his jumper, but with his playmaking ability look for interest to keep coming in for this jet quick floor general.

Recruiting: Kansas State, DePaul, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Southern Miss

Size: 7-7/180 |
Quick Take:A developing power forward, Cunningham keeps improving every single time out on the floor. During the Peach Jam he proved that he can score with his back to the basket as well as off of offensive rebounds. Cunningham is a pretty good athlete, and if he keeps growing his stock will soar.

Recruiting: DePaul, Illinois, Illinois State, UIC, Iowa, Nebraska

Size: 7-7/185 |
Quick Take: Swann is a good athlete who can really stretch the defense with his ability to shoot the basketball. He is at his best catching and shooting, but he did show some skills in the mid-range off of two bounces. Also he is a versatile defender who will rebound and a block a shot. His ability to beat pressure defense will determine just how highly he is recruited, but he definitely opened eyes with his play this past week.

Recruiting: George Washington, Cincinnati, Holy Cross, Minnesota, William & Mary

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