Live in AC: Day Two

ATLANTIC CITY - Day two of Live in AC picked up the pace. Most of the day was spent watching top underclassmen such as Obi Enechionyia and Jessie Govan, but also Josh Hart stepped up at the 17-and under level.

Josh Hart, SG/SF, Team Takeover – Hart is getting more consistent shooting the ball from deep, and when he does that he is tough to handle. He was hitting shots with good consistency, and then as always rebounded from the wing spot and played good defense. While his Takeover squad looks tired from the long summer grind, Hart is playing well and is at the top of his game.

Tyler Ennis, PG, CIA Bounce – Ennis continued his impressive July with another very solid effort. He is seemingly getting more athletic by the day, and Ennis was as always a solid decision maker and someone who did an excellent job of setting up teammates. Very few point guards have the natural feel for the game that Ennis does, and that stands out in almost every game he plays.

Xavier Rathan-Mayes, SG, CIA Bounce – He is a flat out bucket getter. Rathan-Mayes had struggled some with his shot recently, but he was again making things happen both off the catch and off the dribble. Despite not being super tall or a great athlete, Rathan-Mayes has the natural ability to get his shot to the rim and usually it goes in.

Chinanu Onuaku, PF, DC Assault – Onuaku is still a bit raw, but his growth curve is on the right path. He showed reliable hands, a nice touch around the rim, a good motor, and a good understanding for keeping the ball high and going right up with it on put back opportunities. A fairly good athlete, Onuaku is a solid defender who has good natural timing blocking shots. He still has a little ways to go, but Onuaku has made huge strides from the high school season and even since April.

Andre Walker, PF/C, DC Assault – A revelation in the spring, Walker was solid in Atlantic City. He blocked a few shots, faced the rim well, and ran the court. Now he didn't rebound to his capability, and that is a concern, but he still does so many things well, and he is just now scratching the surface of how good he could end up being.

Corey Henson, SG, DC Assault – Not seen much on his high school team, Henson proved that he could shoot the ball at a high level on Thursday. Henson has long arms and is a solid athlete, but what he does best is catch and shoot. He hit no less than four triples in the game and was key in Assault coming home with a close win.

Obi Enechionyia, PF, Team Takeover – More and more Enechionyia is looking comfortable with his team, and now he is getting back to the way he was during the high school season. A long and athletic 6-foot-8 forward, Enechionyia was a beast on the glass, blocked shots, and then scored inside and from the mid-range. Enechionyia is absolutely loaded with potential, and he put it on full display during Thursday's games.

Therence Mayimba, SF, Team Takeover – Athleticism, length, energy, and versatility are all major check marks in favor of Mayimba. Now he is still a bit unrefined offensively in terms of decision making and understanding, but skill wise he is getting there. As Mayimba gets stronger he will become nearly impossible to guard given that he is so athletic and is capable of going right or left off the dribble.

Phil Booth, SG, Team Takeover – Both is just flat out one of the better scorers from the guard position that there is. He can handle it well enough to create his own, and then off the catch he was knocking in jumpers. Booth will likely never be a point guard, though he can be trusted on the ball for stretches during a game. Efficiency is big with Booth, and as expected he was getting to the line and knocking in shots at a high clip.

Jessie Govan, C, New York Lightning – Just a monster on the low block, Govan has great hands and excellent footwork. He is also more than willing to run the court. Where Govan struggles is when forced to move laterally in a ball screen situation, but his ability to score on the low block is second to none. He has an amazing touch and then good footwork which allows him to get in good positions. Govan will need to continue to work himself into better shape, but as a young post he definitely has a ton of potential.

Lamarr Kimble, SG/PG, Team Final – Kimble is a combo guard whose first instinct is to score. While a bit undersized, his ability and knack for putting the ball in the basket is simply unquestionable. Now he will need to continue to tighten up the handle and work on his decision making, as that is a process, but he is a tough kid who can really put the ball in the basket.

Malachi Richardson, SG/SF, Team Final – Usually Richardson is known for his ability to knock in jumpers, but he didn't have that working the way he would have liked. So instead he used bounces to get to the rim, rebounded some, and even made a few nice passes. A good athlete, Richardson looks like he has a lot of growth left in him, and his upside for a wing is simply off the charts.

Tyus Battle, SF, Team Final – Another wing with athleticism, skill, and an ability to shoot the basketball, Battle is someone whose upside is unquestioned. He was making shots in the mid-range, handled the ball, and showed some ability to be a point forward. Also despite not being very physically strong, Battle was rebounding well and scoring in traffic.

Montaque Gill Caesar, SF, CIA Bounce – He is from the same area that produced uber phenom Andrew Wiggins, and while Gill Caesar isn't Wiggins, he is one heck of a player in his own right. A physically strong 6-foot-4, Gill Caesar shoots the heck out of the ball, is an excellent athlete, and can get places on the court due to his strength. He hasn't gotten a ton of hype coming out of Canada, but if he moves to play high school in the US this year he will instantly see a huge spike in interest coming his way from coaches who will get to see him for the first time.

Elijah Long, PG, CIA Bounce – The younger brother of Iowa State signee Nazareth Long, Elijah is going to make a name for himself in very short order. Long is a small point guard, but he has long arms and an incredible feel for the game. He has the ball on a string which allows him to get into the lane and create, and then seemingly has eyes in the back of his head. A great passer, Long made everyone on the floor better, and with a body that looks like it has a lot of growth left in it, he could soon see major interest on the recruiting trail.

Marvin Prochet, SF, New Rens – A long and active wing, Prochet could grow into a stretch power forward or simply stay as a big wing. He is a good athlete, really likes to attack the rim, and looked to have a good stroke from deep though it wasn't falling during the game. Also Prochet plays hard and does all of the little things like communicate on defense and lead on offense.

Franklin Howard, SG, Team Takeover – A very good athlete, Howard was getting into the mid-range and making things happen. He has an excellent floater, and then made a few nice passes as well. Howard didn't get a ton of varsity minutes as a freshman, but he looks primed to breakout in a big way this upcoming year.

Justin Jenifer, PG, Team Takeover – At times he can get a little bit loose with the basketball, but Jenifer is dynamic in transition and is strong enough to get places on the court even when defended fairly well. Jenifer was scoring pretty well by getting to the rim, and then made a few nice passes as well. When he learns how to play with two different gears, that is when it will begin to come all together for him.

Obi Enechionyia listed offers from Xavier, Maryland, Temple, and VCU. Also interest is coming in from Villanova, Georgetown, Miami, Stanford, George Mason, and George Washington.

Therence Mayimba has offers from Georgetown, Villanova, Miami, and George Mason. Interest is also coming from Virginia, Texas, Virginia Tech, and Seton Hall.

Chinanu Onuaku has a lone offer from Seton Hall. Interest has picked up from Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, and DePaul.

Corey Henson says William & Mary and Mt. Saint Mary's are the two schools after him the hardest.

Malachi Richardson has offers from Cincinnati, Rutgers, Miami, Seton Hall, and James Madison. Also the early interest is coming from Syracuse, Connecticut, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgetown, Northwestern, Xavier, and Villanova.

Lamarr Kimble says Syracuse, Villanova, Penn State, Miami, Delaware, LaSalle, and Temple are all in the mix.

DePaul, Cincinnati, and George Mason were all checking in on Andre Walker.

Jessie Govan drew Syracuse, Rutgers, Virginia, Miami, and DePaul.

Josh Hart had Rutgers boss Mike Rice along with assistants from Miami, Memphis, and Cincinnati all tracking him.

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