Bluiett not rushing

After taking a lot of visits at the end of the summer, Trevon Bluiett is now focused on getting better on the floor and improving his game.

Four-star small forward Trevon Bluiett continues to get into the best shape of his life, and that is leading to better results on the floor. With that coaches are continuing to show him a lot of interest on the recruiting trail. At the moment though, Bluiett remains open and is in no hurry to make any kind of commitment.

The first thing that is easy to notice with Bluiett is how he has changed his body since he was a freshman. Now a junior, Bluiett weighs in at 210 pounds, and has clearly improved his conditioning and athleticism.

"I always make it an emphasis to get stronger and to have my body feel good so I can make an impact at the next level," said Bluiett. "I am just in the weight room trying to get more athletic and get stronger. I am always told I am not the most athletic guy, so I use it as a chip on my shoulder so I do work as hard as I can to get stronger, quicker, and more athletic so I can guard the ball and finish better at the rim."

He continued, "I look at some of my old photos, and just recently I watched an old youtube clip. I was just kind of a little chunky person. I haven't lost weight, but I have added on muscle and just gotten in better shape."

Recruiting wise Bluiett made a lot of trips during the summer, but since then things have calmed down. His most recent trip was a short one, only 20 minutes from his house to Butler. The Bulldogs have been there from day one with Bluiett, and he likes what the hometown school has to offer.

"It is definitely the closest division one school to my house which means my family could come to every game," said Bluiett. "That is something I like because I still want to be surrounded by family when I go off to college. Also Butler has had good runs the past few years playing for national championships, so that would be a plus."

Previous to Butler, Bluiett made an unofficial visit to Illinois. It was the first trip he had made to the school since the hiring of the new coaching staff, and he came away impressed.

"I had been there before with the old staff," said Bluiett. "They had a few new things going on with the dorms and stuff, but it was mostly the new coaching staff. I really liked them. We had a little vibe off of each other. It was a good experience."

The only school in for Bluiett's first open gym was Xavier. He has made numerous trips to the Xavier campus and likes the tradition the school has.

"They are a good school," said Bluiett of the Musketeers. "It seems like they make the tournament every year. They are just NCAA Tournament bound. They play in a good conference against good competition and they just always seem to finish first. They are a good team, the facilities look good, they build up their players for the next level, and I like the coaches."

Along with those three schools, Michigan, Louisville, Indiana, Kansas State, Purdue, Notre Dame, Virginia, Purdue, Cincinnati, and Florida have all been in for a long time, and both Alabama and West Virginia are beginning to pick up the attention.

For now though Bluiett is taking things slowly. Before July he had indicated he might narrow down his list during the fall, but at the moment that doesn't seem likely.

"My dad and I have talked about cutting down my list vaguely, but we haven't been too in-depth with it, so nothing like that is close or anything," said Bluiett.

At the moment no new visits are being scheduled, and he plans to slow that down until midnight madness when the plan is to visit Indiana.

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