Harrison's go through in-home process

Andrew and Aaron Harrison are two of the most sought after recruits in the 2013 recruiting class. Scout.com caught up with Aaron Harrison Sr. to break down their current situation.

Andrew and Aaron Harrison began their in-home visit process on Sunday.

The No. 2 and No. 3 prospects in the 2013 recruiting class first met with Kentucky and Baylor. Then they had the opportunity to sit down with Mark Turgeon and Maryland.

"They went pretty well," Aaron Harrison Sr. told Scout.com. "There's a lot of information to go over in a couple hours. Think everybody got their point across."

What was Kentucky's pitch?

"Of course every kids dream is to play in the NBA," Harrison Sr. said when asked about Kentucky. "That is their dream and they definitely had that to sell."

According to the elder Harrison, Baylor was able to get their message across.

"Baylor went good," he said. "I wouldn't say any of them went bad. They got to convey what they wanted to convey from their point of view."

Maryland went in-home with the twins and their family on Monday. Harrison Sr. said his relationship with Turgeon stood out.

"Me and Turg have a different relationship," Harrison Sr said. "It's a different relationship. It's more of friends from him being around Texas and us knowing each other. I think that went really well."

Next up for in-home visits are SMU and Villanova. They'll meet with the Harrison twins today and tomorrow.

So what's the next step in their recruitment?

"I don't know," Harrison Sr. said. "What's going to happen is we need to sit down and talk. We are going to talk. They are going to tell us what's on their minds and we'll give them our input."

Last week information leaked that the Harrison twins were set to visit Maryland for midnight madness. Harrison Sr. said it's a possibility, but not something they've finalized.

"We haven't committed to do anything," he said. "We had talked about that. We talked to Maryland, but we having said anything about officially going. I'm not ruling it out."

Of the schools involved, Villanova is the only one they haven't seen.

"We've been to Kentucky twice," he said. "We've been to Baylor lots. We've just never been to Villanova and I don't know if that's a logistical problem or what. We are just going to try and figure it out."

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