Undiscovered Big Man

Every summer there are a few almost completely unknown players that get discovered, and this year one of those players could be 6-8 center <b>Jake Schmidt</b> from Wyoming. A definite D-1 prospect, Schmidt hasn't really gotten recruited -- so far...

Jake Schmidt, 6-8 SR C, Thermopolis (Wyo.) High, played at the Pangos Summer Shootout and was seen by college coaches and scouts for really the first time, and he impressed.

Schmidt, a big body who probably weighs in the 240 range, isn't just a wide load. He had some decent athleticism for his size, going up off of flat feet at one point to throw down a dunk, and having pretty nimble feet. But he also has talent as a basketball player, with a nice scoring touch around the basket, and a very nice-looking outside jumper, actually able to step out to the three-point line and knock it down.

In a year where talented big men are pretty scarce, you might have thought Schmidt, who has a chance to be a mid-major prospect, would have been hearing from a host of schools, especially given the fact that Schmidt said he carries a 3.7 GPA. But the big kid said he really wasn't getting recruited.

"I went to Wyoming's camp, so I've heard from them," Schmidt said. "But other than that, not too much. Columbia, and a couple of D-2 schools. But that's about it."

Schmidt did say that he might have gone under the radar since he, well, is playing high school ball in Wyoming, and he was injured during his junior year. "I broke my foot at the start of the season, so that might be why many college coaches don't know me. But I came back later in the season and averaged about 18 points, 11 rebounds and 7 blocked shots a game and our high school team won the state."

Schmidt said he'll be playing with Colorado X-Press in the Las Vegas Big Time this coming week.

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