Nunn moving forward with smaller list

It was five schools in the mix for Kendrick Nunn, but it appears that is no longer the case.

Four-star shooting guard Kendrick Nunn had narrowed his list down to five with official visits set up, but now things are slightly changing. With commitments going on all over the country, Nunn has cut his list down more, and a few schools are putting on the full court press.

Nunn went into September with UCLA, Ohio State, Illinois, Marquette, and Memphis on his list. Recently two of those schools came in for home visits, with one more scheduled to do so shortly according to Kendrick's father, Melvin Nunn.

"Illinois came in on Sunday and Marquette came in on Monday for an in-home visit," said Nunn.

According to Nunn both of those visits went very well.

"Marquette was very nice," said Nunn. "They had a nice presentation based on the style of play with Kendrick's footage on top of their highlights which was pretty nice. They put Kendrick's highlights back-to-back with Darius Johnson-Odom showing Kendrick that they are similar players, and with them being similar he would fit in with their offense. It was a really nice set up that they did."

Also he came away very impressed with what Illinois did.

"They put forward something that was pretty much legendary I would say," said Nunn. "It was straight forward on him being that in-state guy coming to the state school and being not just a basketball player, but someone who leaves a legacy at his state school."

He continued about the Illinois in-home by saying, "It was based on alumni, based on him winning state titles as a high school player, and then continuing that at his home-state school, and starting to get Illinois back rolling like they were in the early 2000's."

The other school which will drop by shortly is Ohio State. That was supposed to happen this week, but a teacher's strike has pushed that back.

"We have a set up with Ohio State, but we haven't concreted the home visit because of the Chicago Public Schools teacher strike," Nunn explained. "They were going to come in on Thursday for Simeon's open scrimmage and then have a visit, but the strike threw everything for a loop. They might re-schedule for Monday or Tuesday."

In terms of official visits, Nunn is scheduled to visit Illinois this weekend.

"I expect him to pretty much see how he is going to be represented in his own state," said Nunn. "I don't think he knows the feel he can have being an Illinois guy. He is an Illinois guy, the No. 2 player in the state, and there is nothing better than having that guy on campus with a good chance to get him, so I think it will be a big deal."

Also one is being worked out with Ohio State, though the date could be changing.

"We had a visit set up for October 5, but we might try to push it up since UCLA is not in anymore, but we haven't scheduled the push up date yet," explained Nunn.

The final official visit will be to Marquette on October 12.

With those three making moves, it seems likes UCLA and Memphis are no longer in the mix.

"UCLA got a commitment from Allerik Freeman so UCLA is not on our board anymore," said Nunn.

He continued by speaking about Memphis, "I haven't heard from Memphis, so to this point I really couldn't tell you what their intentions are. For some reason I have heard they are going on what other people are saying that Ken is leaning to Illinois and Marquette, so if they want to cross themselves off by not recruiting him, there is nothing we can do. I know they also have two commitments from Memphis players, so that might have something to do with it."

No decision date has been set for Nunn, but it is clear that he is moving forward quickly with the process and is focusing on three schools.

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