Following the same script in Waco

The Baylor Bears had one of the most athletic front courts in the country in 2012, and it is looking like that won't be changing anytime in the near future.

The resurgence of the Baylor Bears over the last few years has come with a specific brand of player. Scott Drew and his staff have focused on bringing in long and athletic frontcourt players who can play volleyball on the glass and make things tough in a zone defense. Now they have gotten one more in the 2014 class with Leron Black.

While not the most highly touted member of Baylor's team the past few years, arguably one of the most important was Quincy Acy. Despite not being super tall at around 6-foot-8, Acy was a super high motor rebounder who scored around the rim and blocked shots.

Black isn't quite the same player in that he has more skill than Acy, but he brings that same athleticism and motor to the table. All summer long with Team Thad, Black was running the floor dunking, and attacking the offensive glass.

In fact, it is tough to imagine that another player had more dunks the entire summer than Black. Now Black will form a very impressive duo with 6-foot-7 man child Ricardo Gathers who is already on campus at Baylor.

Gathers will be a junior when Black is a freshman, and the two of them do a lot of the same things. They rebound, they play hard, they defend, and they show no mercy on opposing players. Both can be on the floor at the same time since Black can guard small forwards and power forwards while Gathers can check power forwards and centers.

Having the two of them will Give Baylor their own version of "Lob City" with the way the two of them can get up and finish with authority.

More than anything though, this means Baylor is going to the well of what has been so good to them. They are keeping with the theme of athleticism, running, jumping, and in general causing havoc on the glass against opponents.

The Bears aren't known as a team with a very sophisticated offense, but they are hard to guard because of the level of athleticism they bring to the table. Now you have two elite athletes who have two of the best motors in the country.

For Baylor this means they should remain at or near the top of the Big XII. There just won't be many teams in the country who can match them up front, and there is no doubt they will continue to play a very exciting brand of basketball.

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