Kaun Knocks List Down To Three

LAS VEGAS – There's a huge recruiting battle brewing for the services of Alexander Kaun. However, that battle just got reduced by two.

They call Alexander Kaun "Sasha" but lately the more appropriate nickname would be "The Barber." The Florida Air Academy senior has trimmed his list again, this time by two schools.

Florida and Michigan ran the good race, but they won't factor into the final results. On Monday, both schools were eliminated.

"We just had a meeting with Sasha and he cut it down to three schools," Florida Air Academy head coach Aubin Goporo said. "He's got Kansas, Michigan State and Duke."

Kaun's desire to cut the list shorter probably stems from an interest in getting to know the programs better. It would be safe to assume that he's in the midst of forming relationships and studying schools to see exactly which is the best fit.

We knew from the beginning that this was going to be a big-time invitation only recruiting party so it comes as no shock that the final three programs consist of a handful of the heaviest hitters in college basketball.

In case you might have forgotten, a foot injury has kept Kaun out of action for the better part of the July summer scene. He missed the Nike All-American Camp and was unable to play with Tom Topping's Team Florida at last week's Peach Jam.

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