Twins to meet with Maryland, then announce

Andrew and Aaron Harrison, of Richmond (Tex.) Travis, will conduct one more in-home visit before announcing their college choice on Thursday.

The Harrison twins will announce their college choice on Thursday.

Originally Andrew and Aaron were going to announce their decision in late October, but they opted to move it up, according to their father – Aaron Harrison Sr.

"Basically we were trying to figure out everything that was important to them and getting to know the coaches that they wanted to get to know better," Harrison Sr. said. "That was the big thing."

Harrison Sr. confirmed that the decision comes down to three schools – SMU, Kentucky and Maryland.

"It's down to those three," Harrison Sr. told

When asked about SMU and what the twins like about the Mustangs, Harrison Sr. said the answer is simple.

"Larry Brown," he responded. "That's easy."

The Harrison twins visited Kentucky during their midnight madness festivities last year.

"They enjoyed their time there," Harrison Sr. said. "They enjoyed the atmosphere when they went there."

In mid-June the twins and Harrison Sr. stopped by Maryland for an unofficial visit.

"Of course they like where it's at," he said. "Shaq [Cleare] is one of their best friends. They've gotten a chance to know coach Turgeon. Those things have really went well for them."

Each of the three schools has conducted in-home visits, but it appears one schools is going to head in one more time.

"Maryland is going to come in on Wednesday," Harrison Sr. told

The Harrison twins will announce their choice on ESPNU at 5:00 on Thursday.

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